UNE Indigenous Researcher Seed Grant Program


The UNE Indigenous Researcher Seed Grant Program provides research funding for Indigenous Researchers working at the University. The aim of the program is to provide UNE support for Indigenous Researchers. Applicants may apply for up to a maximum of $4,000.00 to fund any research activity that will either develop their research project, or enhance their research career. The UNE Indigenous Researcher Seed Grant Program provides seed funding outside of, and in addition to, the normal School funding for Indigenous researchers.

Indigenous Researchers who are academic staff or HDR candidates at UNE are able to apply.

There is no form to complete, rather applicants should apply by email to indigenousresearch@une.edu.au and include the information below.

Applications must include the following information:
Applying either 1) to enhance their research project, or 2) to enhance their research career
Project proposal
Statement of benefit on receiving this support

(Please Note: Submit your application as a PDF document)

Please submit applications for funding by 5pm, Monday 4th March 2019.

For more information contact Hayley Ford by email on indigenousresearch@une.edu.au, or by phone 6773 3392.