Sports Informatics - Predictive Algorithms for High-Performance Sport

PhD/Masters Research Scholarships

The introduction of state-of-the-art tracking and sensing technologies have provided high-performance sporting teams and elite athletes with vast amounts of data surrounding almost every aspect of training and match-play activities. Harnessing the power of this data has the potential to provide insights into individual athlete performance, team tactics and strategies as well as the prediction and prevention of injuries to athletes. The University of New England (UNE) is offering several exciting PhD and Masters projects for postgraduates keen to develop, explore and apply leading-edge data science methodology to gain significant insights into the nature of competitive team sports.

The projects will explore the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and advanced computational algorithms to the development of high volume and velocity data analytics, specifically tailored to sports science technology.

Aspects of the research projects can include:

  • The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to develop predictive algorithms for performance and injury from training and match-play data.
  • The development of spatial models for simulating and analysing relationships between the motion of individuals and the performance of sporting teams.
  • The development of novel sensing devices and methodologies for gathering data to provide coaches and decision makers with new insights into performance and training loads.

Projects will be supported by strong industry linkages, the availability of real-life relevant data sets and a renowned multi-disciplinary team with expertise in the fields of biomechanics, computational/data science, physiology, sports science and statistics. You will have access to a range of cloud and high-performance computing infrastructure.

The UNE in Armidale, Australia is a unique university, in the enviable position of boasting an excellent international reputation as well as being a leader in research and academic innovation. We aim to foster a constructive and engaging culture where creative ideas and innovation thrive.

To be successful you will:

  • For PhD entry, have a relevant Honours or postgraduate qualification in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or a related area (or equivalency). Masters entry requirements can be found here.
  • Be proficient in a range of programming languages and relevant data analysis packages (e.g. Matlab, R, Python, SQL etc.).
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively both independently and collaboratively with others in a team environment.
  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Have the ability & willingness to contribute novel ideas and approaches in support of scientific investigations.

Funding for fieldwork, travel and project expenses will be made available to support the successful completion of the research projects. The scholarships will provide each student with a stipend allowance of AU$30,000 per annum for a maximum period of two (Masters) or three years (PhD). For further information, please refer to the Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

To apply, please submit your academic transcripts, a completed Domestic Scholarship Application Form and Curriculum Vitae either directly to Dr Mitchell Welch or through AskUNE. Prospective applicants will also need to submit an application for candidature at UNE. Please click here to apply for candidature at UNE.

Applications close on Monday 11 May 2018.

For further information about the project, please contact:

Dr Mitchell Welch
Lecturer in Computer Science
School of Science and Technology
Phone: 02 6773 5004