Expressions of Interest (EOI) for PhD.I

The Doctor of Philosophy (Innovation) PhD.I focuses on the innovation process i.e. creating, researching and reflecting upon one or more Innovations in context. Whether or not a single or multiple Innovations are involved in the project will depend on their scale; normally a single tangible Innovation will be the focal subject.

Your Innovation project may take any of a number of possible forms including:

  • a new process (creation of product or service)
  • a new paradigm (change in the underlying mental model by which something is achieved)
  • a new product or service (a new offering to what is currently available) or;
  • a new position (which is a change in the context that something is profiled or introduced).

Your Innovation project should be clearly intended to make a difference in a context, hence part of the research effort will focus on demonstrating the consequence or potential consequence of uptake or implementation by the Innovation’s intended users. Your Innovation project description should clearly elucidate why the innovation is needed and by whom.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is required to be submitted from potential candidates interested in undertaking a PhD.I. Should your EOI be successful you will be issued with a confirmation number. Once you receive your confirmation number you may then proceed with your candidature and scholarship application. The EOI must be submitted and approved prior to submitting a candidature or scholarship application for a PhD.I.

Your EOI for the PhD.I should provide sufficient information for judgement to be made about your Innovation and your capacity to complete the PhD.I in a relevant contextual background. This will need to include evidence within your Innovation project description of support from a suitable Industry/Professional context. This could include, government or non- government agencies, aid organisations or industry.

Applications are assessed on academic merit and research potential. Please include the following documents with your EOI:

For more information regarding PhD.I candidature and scholarship please see the links below:

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