Research Integrity Advisors

Who are the Research Integrity Advisors at UNE?

Research Integrity Advisors at UNE are listed on the right column of this page.  They are senior academic staff who have experience in the conduct of research and research administration. The Research Integrity Advisors are not discipline-based and are independent of the Schools. They all report directly to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). The Research Integrity Advisors have analytical skills, empathy, good communication skills, a wide knowledge of University rules, policies and procedures, and a good understanding of accepted practice in research.

What do Research Integrity Advisors do?

Research Integrity Advisors can provide independent advice to a staff member, research student or member of the public if that person is:

  • in need of confidential advice about an issue of potential breach of the UNE Code of Conduct for Research Rule (CCR)
  • unsure about a research conduct issue
  • in need information about UNE's research conduct rules, policies and procedures
  • in need of independent advice outside a School or department
  • considering whether or not to make a complaint about a potential breach of the UNE Code of Conduct for Research Rule (CCR).

Outcomes of a discussion with the Research Integrity Advisor may include:

  • not proceeding if the complaint is clearly not related to a breach of the CCR
  • proceeding under other University processes
  • making a complaint about a potential breach of the CCR in writing.

A Research Integrity Advisor will not:

  • investigate or assess the complaint
  • contact the person who is the subject of that complaint
  • be involved in any subsequent investigation other than a witness or to provide testimony
  • give advice on matters where they have potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest.

Donella Piper

Dr Donella Piper
UNE Business School
Contact: phone 6773 5843 or email:

Pierre Moens

Associate Professor Pierre Moens
School of Science and Technology
Contact: phone 6773 3740 or email:

Neil Argent

Professor Neil Argent
School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
Contact: phone 6773 2803 or email:

Charles Kivunja

Associate Professor Charles Kivunja
School of Education
Contact: phone 6773 2005 or email:

Dr Rachael Adlington
School of Education
Contact: phone 6773 4224 or email:

Dr Liz Temple
School of Psychology
Contact: phone 6773 1760 or email:

Dr Anna-Marie Babey
School of Rural Medicine 
Contact: phone 6773 2333 or email:

Dr Natalie Morgan
School of Environmental and Rural Science
Contact: phone 6773 5829 or email:

Where a concern relates to human or animal ethics, initial enquiries should be made with the Chair of the respective Ethics Committee in the first instance.

The Chairs are:

Human Research Ethics Committee  
Chair: TBC
Contact: By phone 6773 3449 or email:

Animal Research Ethics Committee  
Chair: Dr Adam Hamlin
Contact: By phone 6773 2579 or email: