Australian Competitive Grant Register (ACGR)

All Category 1 Funding Schemes are listed on the current Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR). Please check that the exact scheme (not simply the funding body) you are applying for is listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR). If it is not listed, you will need to ensure your project budget includes the PVCR's 20% research sustainabiity fee. This fee will be levied on the entire amount awarded by the funding body.

Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC): The Australian Government Department of Education and Training determines the nature of the funding categories, the Specifications for which are updated annually. The HERDC Specifications control the collection of higher education research data and are designed to ensure the Australian Government’s research block grants are allocated in a fair and transparent way. For further information on each category, please refer to the latest HERDC Specifications.

Research Income Categories – details:

Category 1: Australian Competitive Grants
Category 2: Other Public Sector Research Funding
  • Australian Government schemes and business enterprises NOT listed on the ACGR
  • State and local governments and partly government owned or funded bodies
  • Research income from CRCs in which the University was not a core participant or signatory
Category 3: Industry and other Funding for Research
  • Research grants or contract research with Australian or international industry or non-Australian Government agencies
  • Funding through donations, bequests and foundations (both Australian and international)
Category 4: Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Funding
  • consists of research income received from a CRC in which they were a core participant (i.e. a signatory to the CRC's Commonwealth Agreement.)

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