Research computing

UNE researchers have access to a number of remote computing facilities, with a choice between parallel processing for maximum performance, cloud computing for horizontal scale, or dedicated hosting for domain-specific applications.

High performance computing and parallel processing

NCI's Raijin HPC machineVia the University's membership with Intersect Australia, UNE researchers have free access to the nation's peak high performance computing facility at the National Computational Infrastructure, based at the Australian National University.

NCI's peak system 'Raijin' is a Fujitsu PRIMERGY cluster based on Intel Sandy Bridge 8-core processors (2.6 GHz) comprising:

  • 57,472 cores in the compute nodes,
  • approximately 160 TBytes of main memory,
  • approximately 10 PBytes of usable fast file system.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources. With cloud computing, you can  quickly take advantage of powerful computing and large-scale storage without the need for specialised IT knowledge. Researchers can build and use software tools, process, share and analyse data, or host online research applications.

UNE, through Intersect, offers two compute clouds designed for research:

  • NeCTAR Research Cloud provides small to medium-sized Virtual Machines (VMs) that are more suited to less compute-intensive research applications.
  • Intersect OwnTime provides larger VMs for more compute-intensive applications.

To set up your project on Raijin or for more information, contact UNE's eResearch Analyst.