Research Data Storage

Researchers at UNE have a number of storage options to handle their research data. These range in terms of the total storage available, whether its free to use or has an associated cost, the location of the data centre (important if you are handling sensitive data!) and what type of computing infrastructure it uses.

The recommended service for research data storage is Cloud.UNE, however there may be legitimate circumstances where this does not meet your needs. Below is a list of the possible options available to UNE researchers, all of which meet the standards of the ARC and NHMRC, and some pointers to protect the long-term value and usage of your research data.


cloud.UNE linkCloud.UNE is the University's cloud storage solution for research data. All UNE academic staff and HDR candidates have access Cloud.UNE, with an initial quota of 500 Gb and an option to apply for more if needed. This cloud storage service is accessible from anywhere with internet connect via

Cloud.UNE is an intuitive and flexible platform for researchers to use. Here are instructions to use Cloud.UNE.

  • Researchers may interact with this cloud storage via their local drive using the Sync ClientTo install and set up the local sync client follow these instructions.
  • Accounts may be set up for groups of researchers. These can be a good option if your group is collecting large amounts of data or the group forms part of a long-term research agenda. To request a Group Account, contact
  • Cloud.UNE has a number of features designed to benefit the researcher, including regular back-ups, an in-built versioning system, and the ability to share files with anyone and create shared spaces for collaborative projects. Contact for pointers.

For more information on Cloud.UNE, here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Barney Drive

Barney is the UNE Windows network drive. Users with a UNE account are automatically assigned a user area (H: drive). Access to a shared folder on Barney needs to be requested by your supervisor by email to the IT Service Desk.

As Barney is a network drive, access generally requires you to be on campus on the UNE network. As such it is not the best option for storing research data if you are requiring access from elsewhere.

Whilst it is possible to configure your account to have access from outside of the UNE campus, we recommend using Cloud.UNE as a more suitable option for storing research data. More information can be found here.

Aarnet Cloudstor

Aarnet is Australia’s peak provider of network infrastructure aarnet logo and linkfor research and education. All Australian universities are on Aarnet’s infrastructure, including UNE.

With UNE’s membership to Aarnet, UNE researchers have access to Aarnet’s cloud storage platform, called Cloudstor (not to be confused with Cloud.UNE or ownCloud). Here individuals are allocated 100Gb of storage. Whilst we encourage UNE researchers to use the institution’s cloud platform, Cloud.UNE (where you have 500Gb!), researchers are permitted to use Cloudstor as well.

The good thing is that it is possible to join the two accounts together. Where Cloudstor comes in really handy is if you, the researcher, are collaborating with researchers from another Australian university. Just like in Cloud.UNE, here you can share files and folder spaces with anyone on the system, however, with Cloudstor this means anyone at an Australian institute. (Here is a list of institutions which have access to Cloudstor).

If you are collaborating with Australian researchers outside of UNE, then we recommend using Cloudstor and connecting it with your Cloud.UNE account.

Intersect Space

Intersect Space is a large scale, high performance, collaborative, and cost effective digital storage system specially tailored to the needs of researchers. Space offers continuously growing capacity of up to 50 petabytes of fast, reliable and safe active and archive data retention.

If UNE's local storage options don't meet your research data needs, there are a number of flavours of Space that might. These range from high-speed, almost entirely disk storage, a good option for research-in-progress, through to archival storage for secure back-ups and peace of mind. UNE Researchers purchasing Intersect Space are subject to a 40% discount.

For more information on the various flavours available, contact UNE's eResearch Analyst.


OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft providing 25GB of personal space. It can integrate with Windows Explorer so that you can save and access files from your desktop. You can also create a sharing folder to collaborate with others. It is important to note that OneDrive access closes down 30 days after your student account is archived. For further information on OneDrive visit IT Services.