Cloud.UNE classes

Cloud.UNE is UNE's enterprise storage solution for the management of active research data. The platform boasts a number of features and safeguards, helping researchers to undertake their projects effectively.

The Library and Research Services is hosting a week of 30-minute lunchtime classes to go through these features of Cloud.UNE. UNE researchers will come out of these classes with Cloud.UNE set-up on their desktops and a comprehensive handle on its used in the research process.

Setting up your Cloud.UNE Account

Monday 18 February, 12:30-1pm, Library Training Lab

This session will give a high level introduction to Cloud.UNE, its various features and uses and how to use it within the research process. Apart from getting a broad understanding of Cloud.UNE, attendees will learn how to set up the Cloud.UNE sync client, enabling their storage space to be accessed via their local desktop.

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Migrating data to Cloud.UNE

Tuesday 19 February 12:30-1pm, Library Training Lab

There are a number of ways UNE researchers can transition their existing data to Cloud.UNE, either through the web browser (, the local sync client, the UNE network or via external cloud storage connections. This session will cover these various ways and explain which is best depending on the size of the data and where the data sits.

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Research Collaborations within Cloud.UNE

Thursday 21 February, 12:30-1pm, Library Training Lab

Cloud.UNE provides opportunities to become a central online workspace for UNE researchers to work together and share information and documents. Through group spaces and shared folders and files, researchers can collaborate in a real-time and in a lightweight way. This class will cover all of this and gives some tips on getting the most out of Cloud.UNE’s collaborative elements.

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Versioning in Cloud.UNE

Friday 22 February, 12:30-1pm, Library Training Lab

Being able to keep historical records of files is an important aspect of research data management. As the research evolves over time so too will the files involved in that research. Cloud.UNE allows users to keep historical versions of their documents for up to one year. This session will cover how researchers can exploit the full benefit of versioning with Cloud.UNE.

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Tips for managing research data in Cloud.UNE

Included in other classes wrap-up for this round.

This class will cap off the week of instructions on Cloud.UNE with some tips on how best to manage your research data to ensure long-term retrievability, maintain data sensitivity and an efficient pathway to publication.

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