Reading List

Reading List is UNE’s new system for managing online readings, replacing eReserve. Reading List provides a user-friendly approach for unit coordinators to discover, organise and annotate reading list resources, providing greater control over how readings are presented to students.

The move to Reading List provides an opportunity to continuously refresh the readings and resources associated with all UNE units, including those that don’t currently use readings.

Students will access Reading List directly from their Moodle unit.  Readings will be in their School’s preferred citation style, marked as either required or recommended, and may be annotated as necessary with comments by the unit coordinator.

What's the timeline?

Some Trimester 2, 2018 readings have been moved.

Reviews of readings for Trimester 3, 2018 units are under way. Find out more information about managing your Trimester 3 units here.

What do I as a unit coordinator need to do?

If you receive an email from please respond to let us know which readings you would like us to move for your unit. Instructions will be included in the email.

How do I know when my unit is ready?

Choose: "Is my unit ready for Reading List?" from the FAQ's found here

I'm keen to get started, what can I do now?

You can start or add to a reading list in your Moodle unit at any time. Find out more from our online Guide to Reading List.

The Library can help you to find the best resources available for your students, and manage them using Reading List. Contact your Librarian here.

For further help, please contact the Reading List project team:

Phone: ext. 1767 or ext. 3227


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