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Term Definition
Abstract A summary of a journal article or a book. Often found in online collections and can be helpful when deciding which items are most useful for you to read
Acronyms A word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a phrase or series of words, such as UNE for University of New England.
Alumni Graduates of a particular university.
Archives Valuable records of organisations and individuals that have been selected for indefinite retention on the basis of their continuing value for legal, administrative, financial or historical research purposes.
Article A piece of writing on a specific topic that forms an independent part of a journal publication such as a journal, serial, magazine, or newspaper.
Ask a Librarian The Ask a Librarian service provides online assistance on Library-related matters via email or live chat service.
Audio-Visual Materials Materials such as DVDs, videos, slides, CDs and tapes. Each audio-visual item has the letters AV at the beginning of the call number in the catalogue, eg AV300.462/DFS.
Author The person/s or organisation who has written a book, journal article, working paper, etc.
Available When searching the catalogue, available indicates that the copy of the book is
not on loan and can be borrowed.
Bibliography A list of citations that usually appears at the end of a paper, article, book chapter, book, dissertation or report that have been consulted in the composition of the publication.
Blind Peer Review A review process in which journal articles are reviewed by independent reviewers. In double blind peer review, neither the author nor the reviewers know each other's identities
Book a Librarian An opportunity for students to book a one-to-one appointment (online or face-to-face) with a Librarian to support their studies, or for Higher Degree Researchers or academics to book a Researcher Consultation with the Librarian who supports their School.
Borrowing A loan of a library item for a specified length of time.
Bound Journals Bound journals are shelved behind the books in the open collection, with the separate issues bound into volumes for each year. Each bound journal has the letter P at the beginning of the call number in the catalogue, eg P300.462/DFS.   
Browser A software application or interface that allows you to find and interact with content on the World Wide Web and the Internet, eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
Call Number The call number is the location number attached to the item (usually on the spine of the book) which allows the item to be stored and retrieved from the library shelves. Our library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system to create these numbers.
Catalogue A catalogue is a list of materials available in a particular collection, arranged in a systematic order. The Library catalogue lists the materials held by the UNE Library including books, journals (including electronic journals) and video recordings and can be accessed online.
Chat Online real-time messaging, used at the Library as a means of providing support.
Chapter A section of a book. Chapters and corresponding page numbers are listed in the Table of Contents at the beginning of the book.
Citation A reference which lists the bibliographic details of the material paraphrased, mentioned or quoted in a research article or book. The reference provides information such as title, author, journal title, volume, issue, publisher, date of publication and access information for online items.
Citation Index A bibliographic index that indicates how many times the work of one author has been referred to, or cited, by another author, and where. How many times a document is cited by other writers is an indication of its importance.
Client Charter The Client Charter outlines the University Library's values and services.
Community Members Students or staff of other universities, TAFE, high schools or other eligible members of the community who have registered to borrow from the Library. These people can register to join the Library as a Special Borrower. (See also Special Borrower).
Copyright Copyright is the legal protection given to authors and creators of original works. The owner of copyright in a work has exclusive rights to control how their work may be used. Copyright law also gives some rights to users of content, allowing individuals to copy for fair dealing purposes, such as for research and study.
Current Journals The most recent issues of journals. They are shelved separately from the bound volumes in a display area.
Databases The Library subscribes to a number of electronic databases accessible online, some containing the full text of articles, while others are indexes to journals.
Date of Publication The date of publication relates to the year in which the publisher first offered the book/journal etc. for sale.
Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) The Dewey Decimal Classification system is the system used to arrange library materials according to subject. See Call Number.
Digital Thesis An electronic or digital version of a thesis that you can read online.
Digitisation Online students can request digisation of book chapter and journal articles. These requests are made through Search.
Distance Education This is an old term used to describe students studying off campus, also sometimes called external study. Now we refer to all studying that does not happen in a classroom on campus as Online Education (see also Online Education).
Document Delivery The supply of requests for copies or portions of publications to UNE staff and students from other libraries.
Due Date The last date when a book or other library item is due to be returned to the library.
eBooks An electronic or digital version of a book that you can read online or download to a computer or mobile device.
Editor The person responsible for preparing or assembling a work or collection of works or articles for publication. They are not considered to be the author.
eJournals Electronic versions of journals that can be viewed online. eJournals can be accessed through Search.
Electronic Resource A publication in digital format which must be stored and read on a computer.
ERA Excellence in Research for Australia: an initiative which assesses research quality within Australia's higher education institutions.

ERA Profile

A system managed by Research Services which extracts data from Research UNE for research reporting purposes.
Exam Papers Some past exam papers are available for students to access online.
External Students See Online Education.
Fines Charges for overdue or damaged items.
Folio A folio is a large-sized book shelved separately on flat shelving. Each folio item has the letter F at the beginning of the call number in the catalogue, eg F300.258/FDS.
Footnote A brief note at the bottom of a page explaining or expanding upon a point in the text or indicating the source of a quotation or idea attributed by the author to another person. Footnotes are indicated in the text by an Arabic numeral in superscript, or a reference mark, and are usually printed in a smaller size of the font used for the text.
Full-Text A complete article or chapter that is available online from an electronic database.
General Collection Library items on the open shelves available for loan.
Group Study Room Bookable rooms available for collaborative group work. 
HERDC Higher Education Research Data Collection. An annual collection of research management data by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.
Higher Degree Higher degrees are any postgraduate (ie beyond an undergraduate) degree. This category includes Graduate Diplomas, coursework Masters, and Doctorates by coursework.
HDR Higher Degree by Research. Degrees such as Masters and Doctorates, acquired by extensive research culminating in a written thesis.
Indigenous Native to a place or area, originating in and characterising a particular region or country.
Institutional Repository An institutional repository collects, preserves and makes available in electronic/digital form, the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution. Research UNE is UNE's institutional repository.
Intellectual Property Umbrella definition for original ideas of all sorts: inventions, literary and artistic work, images, designs, slogans, etc. Creators are protected from unauthorised use of their ideas by Copyright.
Intensive School Sometimes called Residential Schools. Intensive Schools are intense periods of study undertaken on campus (or other agreed venue) for students studying by distance education. Usually lasting from two to five days, Intensive Schools may be optional or mandatory.
Interlibrary Loans UNE library borrows items or requests copies of portions of publications from other libraries for eligible clients; and reciprocates by supplying items or copies to other libraries.
Internal Students See On-Campus.
International Student A student who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
ISBN International Standard Book Number: an internationally agreed standard number that identifies a book uniquely.
ISSN International Standard Serial Number: an internationally agreed standard number that identifies a serial/journal publication (including electronic journals uniquely.
Issue A single copy of a periodical or journal.
Journal Publication containing articles, which is published regularly as part of an ongoing series. Journals may also be called serials or periodicals.
Journal Databases See Databases above.
Keyword A significant word in the title, abstract, or text of a document which is used as a search term.


Library Advisory Committee.

Learning Commons

Located on Level 2 of the Dixson Library, the Learning Commons offers spaces for collaborative and group work, creativity, inquiry and change. It offers a wide range of facilities, resources and services to support learning including printing, scanning, accessing print and electronic materials as well as help with library matters, IT issues, academic skills, Safety and Security, and courses and enrolment.

Libraries Australia

An online catalogue listing resources held in Australian academic, State and public libraries.

Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue lists items held in the library. At UNE, the Library catalogue (Search) is online and searchable via a web browser.

Library Collection

The total accumulation of books and other materials owned by a library, catalogued and arranged for ease of access, which often consists of several smaller collections (reference, circulating books, serials, government documents, rare books, special collections etc.).

Library Subject Guides

Online guides developed by librarians to assist in finding scholarly information on discipline areas within Schools.


Library Liaison Officer. An academic in a School who assists the Library in communicating library services and needs, including book and journal ordering, with colleagues in their area.

LRS Learning and Research Services. The Library department responsible for liaising with Schools, offering support in using the resources of the Library, providing training material, and teaching clients (both staff and students) research skills.


Books, journals or theses filmed and stored on microfilm or microfiche. Must be read with the use of a specialised machine.


Status given to Library items that cannot be found in the Library collection.


Part of the myUNE web site dealing with Library services which tailors them to a student's unit enrolment.


See Online Education.

On-Campus A student who is studying by the mode that requires attendance at the University to lectures, tutorials, laboratory classes, and the like.

On Loan

This means that the Library item has been borrowed by another person. A due date will show when the item is due back in the Library.

On Order

The item has been ordered from a supplier but has not yet been received by the Library.

Online Education Courses and units available for flexible study supported by online tools. Almost all UNE units are available by online education.

Open Access (OA)

Literature that is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.

Open Reserve Collection

The Open Reserve Collection consists of material in physical form that has been placed there by academic staff for short term loan. The Open Reserve includes the Reserve Collection and the Medical Reserve Collection.


A Library item which is out on loan and has passed its due date. Once an item is overdue a fine will apply.

Peer Review

Peer review is a formal process whereby articles submitted to a journal or conference, are sent to several established scholars in that field of study. These reviewers may suggest improvements before deciding if the article should be published or included in the conference.

Peer Reviewed Journal

A journal containing articles that are reviewed and approved by experts in the same subject area as the author before they can be published. It may also be called a scholarly journal.


See Journal.

Place of Publication

This is normally the place (city or town) where the publisher is based.


Plagiarism is copying, quoting, rewording, or rephrasing other people's work and passing it off as your own.


Postgraduate study involves further study for a higher degree following the successful completion of an undergraduate degree. Masters and PhDs are postgraduate degrees.


An article which has been accepted for publication by a journal but not yet published.

PBL Rooms

Problem Based Learning Rooms. Bookable and available for collaborative group work.


A company or person that makes publications available.


Books taller than 30cm. Each quarto item has the letter Q at the beginning of the call number in the catalogue, eg Q300.462/DFS.

Rare Books

Books identified as not easily replaceable, very important or highly valued.

Reading ListReading List is UNE's system for managing online readings. The platform manages and stores links to a range of content including resource links, streamed videos, book chapters, electronic articles, books in the library, and eBooks.


A recall is when another borrower places a request on an item that you have out on loan. When this happens, a recall notice will be sent to you by email, with a new due date by which the item must be returned to the Library. Recalls allow for flexible and fair sharing of our resources.

Reciprocal Borrower

UNE staff and students can borrow in person from other university libraries where UNE has a reciprocal borrowing agreement.

Reference Collection

Reference Collection materials include encyclopaedias, dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, indexes, bibliographies and statistical compilations. Reference material is only for use within the library, it cannot be borrowed. Each reference item has the letter R at the beginning of the call number in the catalogue, eg R302.234/E56.


Referencing, or citing, is the practice of acknowledging sources of information and ideas used in an assignment or publication. There are various styles of referencing, eg Harvard, APA.


To extend the loan period of an item that you have borrowed. You can renew items via the library website or myLibrary.

Research UNEFor 2 October, 2018, the institutional digital research outputs repository of the University.

Return Chute

The place where you return borrowed items from the Library.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a family of Web feed formats used to publish content which is updated frequently. An RSS document, also known as a feed, web feed, or channel, contains a title, some descriptive content, and a URL that links back to the original content or website for more information.

Scholarly Journal

See Peer-Reviewed Journal.

Scholarly Research

A scholarly article or book based on original research or experimentation and typically published by an academic association or university press.

SearchSearch is a cloud-based unified resource management and discovery platform. Search helps you find items in the collections and request digisation of content. Online students can order books.

Search Terms

Keywords or phrases that describe the information that you want to find. Use reference books to clarify key words and phrases and to find alternative terms and spellings. After compiling a list of search words start searching.

Self-Check Machine

A machine that enables you to borrow items quickly by scanning the barcode on your UNE Student ID card and the barcode on the item to be borrowed.


See Journal.


A group of separate items related to one another. Each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole. The individual items may or may not be numbered.

Service Desk

Where Library staff can answer your questions and help you (and provide you with information about the Library's resources and services) and where you go to borrow library material such as books and video recordings. There is a Service Desk located in each of the Dixson and Law Libraries.

Special Borrower

A Special Borrower is a member of the community who has applied for special borrower status and paid the relevant fee. Special Borrowers have in-person borrowing rights.

Special Collections

A Special Collection brings together related materials which are rare, fragile, and valuable, of special importance, usually under restricted access conditions.


A person undertaking a course or unit of study.

Student ID Card

Your student identification card is also your library card and is used to borrow Library material.

Student Satisfaction Survey

UNE Library Student Satisfaction Survey collects student feedback on overall performance of the University Library's services and learning environment.

Table of Contents

A list of sections (chapters or articles) and the pages from which they start. Tables of contents are usually found at the front of a book or journal issue, though some journals may list them on the back cover. Books list the chapters contained and their associated page numbers. Journals list the articles contained within each issue and the associated page numbers.


A thesis, also sometimes called a dissertation, is a research work written to test a theory or proposition. The plural of thesis is theses.


Identifies the name of a book, article, paper, journal, and so on. Title is an important search criterion for finding information in a catalogue, database or other list.


Formal university teaching period. The UNE academic year consists of three formal teaching periods.


Studies undertaken in order to gain an advanced diploma, diploma or bachelor degree. You are an undergraduate if you have not studied at university before.


Stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URLs are the 'addresses' of websites and read as punctuated statements, eg which is the web address of the University Library.

Vend 4 Yourself

A room in the Dixson Library with vending machines for soft drinks and snack foods, as well as casual seating and a large television monitor.


A part of a journal or book series. Volume numbers of journals usually increase each year and each volume may have several numbered 'issues' in a year.

Wildcards and Truncation

Useful searching techniques that are used to broaden a word search when searching an online database. Wildcard symbols can be used to replace letters in words to find all spelling variations of a word: eg organi?ation will find organisation and organization, and wom?n will find woman and women Truncation enables one to search the stem of a word (usually using a different symbol from that of the wildcard method) and find all the variants of that stem: eg pigment* will find pigment, pigments, pigmentation etc.

Working Papers

Working papers, also known as research or discussion papers, are draft papers intended for later publication in a different form.