Past Exam Collection

Publication of exams in the Collection

The Library manages a Past Exam Collection in Moodle.

The Library publishes exams in the Past Exams Collection only when authorised to do so by Examinations via their Trim container.

Pursuant to the UNE Assessment Procedures (Section 39), the Library removes all past exam papers after 6 years.

For Law School units (those coded LAW, LSSU, LSU, and LLM), following a decision of the UNE Law School Education Committee on 28 August 2019:

  • Only the past 3 years' exam papers will be published for Law School units offered annually or more often.
  • The past six years' exam will be published for Law School units offered biennially or less often.

Inclusion of exams in the Collection

To avoid the risk associated with uploading an exam which has not been properly released through the Exams process, the Library does not handle ad hoc requests.

If a unit coordinator requires that an exam be published to students outside of the standard arrangements, the coordinator may upload the exam directly to their unit in Moodle.

Request for removal of exams

The Library will handle ad hoc requests to remove exam papers if the unit coordinator provides a reason for the removal.  For example: if the exam format/content is misleading to the current student cohort. These requests should be sent to: