New England University College Records


New England University College (NEUC) began in 1938 at the request of a committee representing citizens from Northern NSW. The institution was established as an outpost of the University of Sydney in Booloominbah which had been donated by Thomas Richmond Forster in 1937.

Edgar Booth was appointed as Warden of NEUC on 1 January, 1938 and had the assistance of an Advisory Council. Initial faculties consisted of (1) Arts and Economics and (2) Science with the availability of Veterinary Science and Agriculture covered in first year science, but students having to complete those courses at the University of Sydney.

NEUC prospered despite the war years being the early years in which it had to prove a viability. The experiment to manage tertiary education outside of Sydney proved so successful that NEUC gained autonomy in 1954.

Description Accession number
Advisory Committee, 1939 - 1953 A599
Advisory Council: minutes and annual reports, 1938 - 1953 A890
Annual Reports 1940-41 A675
Aurora / Science Society Journal, 1945 - 1947 A675
Description Accession number
Beesley, Ron, 1946: course materials and lecture notes A1100
Belshaw, Dr J.P.: The Future of the Australian Export Industries A820
Blazer c.1946 A1362
Board of Studies Minutes and Business papers(1955-56) A352
Booloominbah and Booth Block photographs, 1946 A787
Booth, Dr Edgar press reports A1367
Bradfield, J.J.C.: Biographical lecture A789
Description Accession number
Calendars,1938-1953 A1443
Calendars, 1942 - 1947 A675
Classics and English Dept.: Musgrave, Prof. Sydney:(lecturer 1939-47) correspondence and tribute A627
Code of Discipline A1443
Commemoration of Benefactors, 1950 A998
Council, Academic Board, &c: minutes A1016
Course materials and lecture notes: Chemistry, Botany English: Ron Beesley, 1946 A1100
Description Accession number
Dixson Library: records, 1939 - 1956 A352
Description Accession number
The Future of the Australian Export Industries Belshaw, Dr J.P. A820
Description Accession number
General Ledger, 1946 - 1953 A785
Golden Years A690a
Graduation Ceremony, 1941 (first graduation ceremony) A957
Graduation Ceremony: Bradfield items 1941-42 A400
Graduation, 1946 and 1949 A960
Graduation 1947: photographs and programme A1463
Graduation, 1947: Joyce Barry, B.A.(Syd.): trencher and hood A1034
Graduation, 1950 A1285
Description Accession number
Handbooks: N.E.U.C. and U.N.E., 1938 - 1969 A025
Handbooks: Orientation Handbooks 1955-88 A1443
History to 1955 A832
History from 1930s to 1960s A1327
Description Accession number
Information booklets A1443
Description Accession number
Musgrave, Prof. Sydney: correspondence and tribute A627
Description Accession number
New England University College, 1937 establishment of A468
New England University College: talks by staff A297
Description Accession number
Orientation Programmes 1948-49 A1443
Orientation Handbooks 1955-88 A1443
Description Accession number
Photograph of workmen at "Booloominbah", 1938 A864
Photographs A647
Photographs, 1938 - 1945 A1327
Photographs, 1945 A713
Photographs, c.1944 A908
Photographs, c.1950 - 1954 A1337
Photographs: Barry May, collection, 1946 - 1948 A801
Photographs: Basketball Team, 1942 A782
Photographs Booloominbah and Booth Block, 1946 A787
Photographs Graduation 1947 (Frank Garrety collection) A1463
Photographs: Graduation, 1950 (names on file) A1285
Photographs: Jeff Lee collection, 1940 - 1945 A971
Photographs: Jeff Lee collection, 1942 - 1945 A840
Photographs: Ken Rankin collection, 1941, 1946 - 1950 A784
Photographs Nivison collection 1943 - 1946 A1363
Photographs: Richard Horne collection, 1950 - 54 A1203
Photographs: Yolanda Bodey Allen collection (undated) A1456
Programme for Admission Ceremonies 1947 A1463
Purchase Journal, 1940 - 1943 A849
Description Accession number
Records, memorabilia &c A1310
The Register A892
Register of Students, 1948 - 1955 A758
Reports and calendars, 1942 - 1947 A675
Robb, W.M.: papers on N.E.U.C. provided to Dr Francis James A746
Robb, W.M.: Some Impressions of Overseas Universities and their Significance for New England (1952) A766
Rugby: women's team, 1951 A956
Description Accession number
Science Society: Aurora / Science Society Journal, 1945 - 1947 A675
Science Society: records, 1943 - 1955 A449
Some Aspects of the History of Booloominbah Walker, R.B A829
Spencer Reminiscences, 1938 - 1945 A690
Spencer, Mrs Margaret: biographical materials and memorabilia A1287
Sporting Teams:Rugby: women's team, 1951 A956
Staff: Academic:Belshaw, Dr J.P.: The Future of the Australian Export Industries A820
Staff :Academic: Consett Davis Letters, 1940 A550
Stationery A879
Student: Allen, Jolanda Bodey (photographs) A1456
Student: Garrety, Frank (photographs etc. 1947) A1463
Description Accession number
Union: The Register A892
Description Accession number
Visitors' Book, April, 1945 A1120
Description Accession number
Walker, R.B.: Some Aspects of the History of Booloominbah A829