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Finding journals in paper

Past issues of paper journals are shelved in Dewey order on the Levels 1,3 and 4 of Dixson Library.

The latest issues of some serials are found in the Current Serials Display on Level 3. There is also a Current Serials Display in the Law Library. Other new issues go directly to the open shelves.

The Weekly Display shelves at the rear of the Current Serials area are updated every Monday afternoon with the latest journal issues.

The issues removed from the Weekly Display Area are shelved in Dewey order on the horizontal shelves at the front of the Current Serials Display area until a volume is complete. When all issues in a volume are received, the volume is sent to the open shelves. and ResearchGate

ResearchGate and are social networking site that allow researchers to share papers, ask questions, and find collaborators. These search boxes below will help you find full-text articles, book chapters and other publications that have been posted to these sites by researchers in different parts of the world.