Recalls and holds

What you need to know

All loans are subject to recall. Loans are reduced to three weeks if the item is recalled or placed on hold by another client.

Placing a hold

Clients can place a hold request from Search by making a book request for a book already on loan. For information about using Search to request a book, check out the video below.  To access borrowing and requesting services, online students must sign in first.

What happens after a hold is placed

After you place a request, the item is added to your account as a hold. You can cancel your request at any time by logging into My Account.

An email is sent to the borrower who currently has the item informing them of the Hold and providing them with a new due date.

What happens if the book is not returned?

The Library imposes penalties and late return fees for books and other items. If a client does not return the item before the cut-off date, your recall is automatically cancelled.

Further Information and Assistance


Phone: (02) 6773 2458

Toll free (Online Students):
1800 059 735