Interlibrary loans

What are interlibrary loans?

If you can't find a book or journal article in the Library, you may be able to use interlibrary loans to obtain items from other libraries.

Am I eligible for interlibrary loans?

Students studying at graduate level or above (Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, Honours degree, Masters or PhD) and UNE staff.

Quotas and charges

Requests sent to other libraries incur a charge to the University Library. This varies from the standard charge of $16.50 from Australian libraries to much higher charges from some overseas libraries.

Annual quotas will apply for the number of fulfilled requests. A charge will be made for requests received in excess of the allowed quota. Charges will also be made for some additionally expensive requests within the quota, such as overseas books, purchase of theses, and rush orders (requests for delivery of journal articles with 24 hours and books within 48 hours).

We will advise you if the cost will be higher than $20.00. We will also advise you if your quota has been reached.

How to use our interlibrary loan service

Step 1. Make an online request

You can make an interlibrary loan request using our online forms.

Step 2. Collect your request

Electronic copies are sent to your UNE email address. If you are on campus, we will send an email to your UNE account when a book or other item arrives. You can then pick up this item in person from the Service Desk in the Library. If you live at a distance, we will send the item to you by mail.

Step 3. Return any physical items before the due date

Items on loan must be returned before the due date. The address for all postal returns is:

University Library
UNE NSW 2351

Do not return items directly to the supplying library.

Please ensure that you have updated your address in MyUNE as this is the address the Library will use to send books.

Further Information and assistance


Phone: (02) 6773 2458

Toll free: (Online Students) 1800 059 735