Workplace Art

The UNE Library Workplace Art initiative collects digital images made by staff and students that can be reproduced as framed prints for display across the University. The objective of the project is to improve the aesthetics of UNE office spaces, contributing to staff wellbeing and pride in the office environment. It is also an opportunity to capture the breadth of the work being undertaken at the University and preserve it for posterity.

Artist Jon Clay
Art work supplied by Jon Clay

The UNE Library invites staff and students to submit digital images for consideration in the Workplace Art collection. To submit your digital images for consideration in the Workplace Art collection, email

Submissions open September 2018 and extend until August 2019. Over this period, a monthly highly commended image will be announced in Pulse, the staff newsletter. Each image recognised as highly commended will be printed and framed for the creator of the image. After 12 months, images will be selected by a panel of five judges for inclusion in a special UNE calendar.

Artist Adam Hamlin
Art work supplied by Adam Hamlin

A submission does not guarantee inclusion, which will be determined by University Collections staff. A description and explanation detailing the significance, relevance or connection to UNE must also accompany the image.

As the Workplace Art collection grows, staff will be able to select works that reflect their personal taste and the core values of their workplace. The selection of images for display will be decided in a consultative process between the University Collections Staff and the Faculties and/or Schools.

The project has initially been funded by a generous personal donation from the former Vice-Chancellor, Annabelle Duncan. Following the exhaustion of this initial funding source, framed pictures will be acquired by the Faculty/School/Directorate for a modest cost recovery fee. Framed images from the Workplace Art collection are not considered part of the University Art Collection. They will be managed by each Faculty/School/Directorate and become part of that units’ asset register.

By emailing an image file to you are submitting your image to the repository, and agree with the following conditions:

Terms and conditions

  1. Staff are invited to submit digital image files via email to in consideration for inclusion into the UNE image repository and monthly competition.
  2. Images will be accompanied by a description and explanation of the image and its significance or connection to UNE.
  3. Staff may enter multiple individual images. The same entry procedure applies to each image submitted and a separate email must be sent for each image submitted.
  4. All images selected for inclusion in the repository will be attributed to the creator on the verso of the frame. A description and explanation detailing its significance or connection to UNE will be included in the email.
  5. Entries must be at least 350KB in size, however, the larger the file, the better.
  6. Library initiated exhibitions may be curated from the repository to celebrate events and acknowledge research.
  7. If any participant is under the age of 18 years, they are required to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter and agree to these terms and will be deemed to have obtained such permission by submitting an entry.
  8. Entries are assessed by the University Collection Staff who will include images in the repository based on aesthetic nature of the image, suitability for the work to be displayed in an office environment, ability of the image to capture the story of the research or activity that was used to create it.
  9. Entries are assessed by a panel of judges who will select the monthly winners based on aesthetic nature of the image, suitability for the work to be showcased in PULSE newsletter, positively reflect the culture of UNE, ability of the image to capture the story of the research or activity that was used to create it.
  10. UNE reserves the right to verify the validity of all entries and to cancel any entry which, in the opinion of UNE, fails to comply with these terms and conditions, is unsuitable, contains objectionable content or infringes copyright.
  11. The decision to include an image in the image repository is final and no correspondence or discussion regarding its decision will be entered into. By participating in the project, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of the University Collections Staff. It is a condition of participation that all decisions are accepted as final and that the contributor agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.
  12. The closing date for competition entries is 31st August 2019. Images will not be accepted beyond this date.
  13. All image files submitted to the UNE Library image repository project will become the property of UNE.
  14. If the image has been taken during the course of UNE business the Intellectual Property and copyright rests with UNE, and may be used by UNE for commercial purposes.
  15. Individuals creating works outside of UNE course of business retain copyright in their images and will be named as the creator of the work. By emailing images to, creators agree to releasing their images under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) licence allowing UNE to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and remix and use it, even for commercial purposes. The full licence conditions are available here:
  16. Selected images will be reproduced and framed as office furnishings for use on UNE campus for an indefinite period and at the discretion of UNE. Staff have no claim on image use or sales and will receive no commission, royalties or any financial reward for any prints or products sold.
  17. UNE collects personal information such as name and email address about the entrants to enable them to participate in the competition and for the purpose of carrying out the competition. Any requests to access, update or correct information should be made to UNE.
  18. Participants agree to the publishing and disclosure of their entries and personal information (for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW)), including but not limited to their name, image, video footage, audio recordings, written material or testimonial statements in any marketing, web, media or other publications associated with the competition or UNE in any format.
  19. UNE will not be liable for any personal injury, loss, damage or expenses (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property arising out of or otherwise connected with this competition or entry into this competition.