Royal Society of NSW Collection

History of the Collection

The Royal Society of New South Wales (RSNSW) was established in 1821. From 1875 onwards, the Society exchanged publications with scientific organisations in other countries.

By 1983, it was no longer possible for the Royal Society to house the Collection in Sydney. At this point, the Library was agreed to take over the Collection, which then consisted of more than 35,000 volumes. Over subsequent years, the Collection has continued to grow.

Major subject areas

Major subject areas in the Collection are the natural sciences and mathematics, including astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology and palaeontology. It includes thousands of volumes in foreign languages, some available nowhere else in Australia.

Details of the Collection

Details of the Collection available from A catalogue of the Royal Society Collection. 1989 (R017.1/U58c).

Accessing the Collection

Direct access to the Royal Society Collection is not possible.

For information on access to the Collection, see the Policy on Special Collections Access.