Policy on Special Collections Access

Special collections covered by this policy

This policy applies to the:

  • Armidale Environment Centre Archives
  • Australian League of Rights Collection
  • Campbell Howard Collection of Australian Plays
  • Geoffrey Atkinson Collection of Manuscript Letters
  • Gordon Athol Anderson Music Collection
  • Hoddinott Collection
  • New England Collection
  • R S Neale Collection
  • Saunders Collection in War and Peace.

The Rare Books Collection may not be browsed. The Royal Society of NSW Collection is housed in conditions that are not appropriate for study, though researchers may apply for single-visit access for the purpose of browsing foreign language and/or un-ndexed historical publications.

Retrieval of items

In most cases, researchers will use the Library catalogue to identify items they want, and then read the selected items in the Library after they have been retrieved.

Browsing or study in the Special Collections applies only when the standard methods of access are not adequate.

Application for direct access

Applications should  explain how direct access has a significant advantage over having individual items made available at the Service Desk. Factors that will be considered include:

  • focus of the research on a significant range of materials specific to the Collection
  • research aiming to index or otherwise augment the Special Collection
  • research specifically based on the collection for a UNE postgraduate award
  • prominence of the researcher or the research project
  • the volume of materials required.

Conditions of Direct Access

  • Direct access to Special Collections is available only between 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM during Library opening hours.
  • The researcher must present their letter/email of approval at the Service Desk.
  • Researchers are asked to keep count of the number of items used and record this on the form when the session is finished.
  • The researcher must handle all items with care for their preservation and integrity. Only pencils or portable computers may be used for taking notes. Pens, highlighters etc may not be taken into Special Collections Rooms.
  • Bags, overcoats, books etc may not be taken into Special Collections without the specific approval of Associate University Librarian (Scholarly Resources).
  • No food or drink is to be taken into the Special Collections areas.
  • The researcher must lock the door and report to the Service desk when leaving the room for a break. The Researcher must regain access by returning to the Service desk.
  • Individuals may copy materials for their own use only in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act, providing the physical condition of the item allows copying to occur.

Direct access to a Special collection is conditional upon the researcher agreeing to observe all the above Conditions of Direct Access.