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This is a list of photocopies or otherwise, of historic books and articles to do with the study of Aboriginal Languages. Most of these are rare books where Bill collected the copies as originals and are not available for purchase.

  1. Curr, E. M. New England word list "Australian Race".
  2. Schmidt, P.W. "Die Gliederung der Australischen Sprachen", published in Wien (Vienna) 1919.
  3. Gerhardt, L.? "Madan Yuludara" (typescript). Photocopy of what appears to be almost a play in GUMBAINGGER (spoken on NSW Coast between South Grafton and South West Rocks). It is accompanied by a copy of a letter dated 29 April 1930 addressed to Professor Radcliffe-Brown (possibly when he was in anthropology at the University of Sydney).
  4. Mathew, John. "Eaglehawk and Crow : a study of the Australian Aborigines including an inquiry into their origin and a survey of Australian languages", 1899.
  5. Roth, Walter E. "Ethnological studies among the North-West-Central Queensland Aborigines" 1897. Deals with languages spoken in Boulia District in QLD mostly PITTA PITTA, published 1897.
  6. Ridley's "Gurre Kamilaroi"1856.
  7. Ridley's "Kamilaroi Grammar" 1875. (Kamilaroi was spoken just west of Armidale.
  8. Capell, A. "What do we know of Tasmanian Language", No. 30 from "Records of the Queen Victorian Museum Launceston", published 01 July 1968.
  9. Mathews "The Yookumbill language" (typescript). Carbon copy of a typed copy. Queensland Journal xvii (no date given must be either late last century or early this century).
  10. Schmidt, P. W. "Die personalpronomina in der Australischen sprachen", published in Wien (Vienna) 1919.