Second Drawer

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Contents of second drawer

Daly River Papers

DR1 Maridjerbin (Maridyebin)

Field notes.

Collected by W G Hoddinott at the Daly River Mission in 1967 (informants Frank Atu & Maggie Dityi Tapes 31 - 35) and at Port Keats in 1980 (informants Thomas Tapes 36 - 43; Timothy Dumin Tape 44; Albert Mulumbuk tape 45; Claver Dumu Tapes 46 - 49; Martin tape 47; Charlie Brinken tapes 47 - 48.)

Two notebooks 1 & 2, one set of papers stapled together - No 3 and two manila covered exercise books Nos 4 & 5. (photocopies only included. The originals and corrected transcripts will be sent on by F Kofod when the projected Maridjerbin Grammar is completed.)

Also included is a copy of Hoddinott's notes made on the Capell elicitation sheets. The first few pages of which show Marithiyel in the left hand column as well as the Maridjerbin.

Photocopy of Dr. Capell's original 1930's field notes in Brinken.

DR 2 Maridjerbin


DR 3 Maridjerbin

Verb file.

DR 4 Gandyegidya - (Probably an alternate name for Marithiyel)

Vocabulary collected at Daly River Mission in 1971 by F Kofod from Nellie.

DR 5 Madngala

Vocabulary and sentences collected by W.G. Hoddinott in 1967 from Nugget at Wooliana, 1967 Tapes 50 - 54.

DR 6 Maringar

2 copies of the Capell Elicitation sheets. The older copy is a transcript of tape 55. The newer copy has Maringar mostly on the left hand side written in pen. On pages 1 - 9 the corresponding words written in pencil are in Ngankikurungkurr.
Collected by W. G. Hoddinott. Informants unidentified.
Also includes a photocopy of Capell's field notes in Nanu & Moi'l (?Maringar)
The moi'l is not as may have been expected, either Ngankikurungkurr or Ngankiwumirri.

DR 7 Batymal/Wogaty/Watyiginy

Set of Capell Vocabulary and Elicitation sheets and one notebook in Batymal/Wogaty. Collected by W G Hoddinott from Harry Morgan (Tapes 56 - 62) at Daly River Mission in 1967 and 1971.

Vocabulary and sentences in Wadyiginy collected by W G Hoddinott and F Kofod from Audrey Smith at Wooliana in 1971 (tape 63 and side 1 of tape 82)
Very short Ami/Mende word list collected by F Kofod at Daly River 1971.

DR 8 Warrai and Wagaman

Warrai wordlist collected by W G Hoddinott in 1967 from Moonlight (Tape 64)
Wagaman - Short wordlist collected by W G Hoddinott, probably in 1967, form unidentified informant.

DR 9 Malak Malak & Weret

Vocabulary in MalakMalak and vocabulary and phrase in Weret collected at Woliana in 1971 by F Kofod from Jessie ( MalakMalak) and an unidentified woman. (Tape 65 MalakMalak)

DR 10 Transcriptions of all tapes in Ngankikurungkurr and Ngankiwumirri

(Tapes 66 - 89) made from original notes of W G Hoddinott and F Kofod by latter in early 1985 to check the phonology of the languages.

DR 11 Ngankikurungkurr and Ngankiwumirri Notebooks 1-7, 9

(Note on tape unless specified)

1. Ngankikurungkurr

Informants Miriam-Rose Angkanmerr Bauman (nee Wilson) and Minnie (Bridget) Tyululuk.

Collectors pp 1-9, 101-148 W G Hoddinott
(pp 7-9, 101-148 on tape 69)

2. pp 1-25 Ngankikurungkurr, Miriam-Rose (informant) F Kofod (Collector)

pp 54-61 Wadyiginy., Audrey Smith (informant), F Kofod (Collector) (tape 82)
Unnumbered back pages - Lord's Prayer by Miriam-Rose
pp 86-088 hymn
pp 89-149 Ngankiwumirri. Informant Roger Kingangu
pp 89-096 F Kofod
pp 97-149 W G Hoddinott
see Tapes 83,85,86, 89 (c.f. corrected transcripts in DR10)

3. Ngankikurungkurr

Informant Molly
Collector W G Hoddinott
pp 1-8 on Tape 71

4. Ngankikurungkurr

Informant Miriam-Rose
Collector W G Hoddinott pp1-31 (Tape 70)
Collector F Kofod pp 32-102 (Tapes 79 and 80)
(c.f. corrected transcripts in DR10)

5. Ngankikurungkurr

Informants Miriam-Rose and Minnie Tyululuk
Collector F Kofod
pp 191-172 Tape 77
109-123 Tape 78
039-046 Tape 79
013-020, 024-026 Tape 80
127-138, 148-161 Tape 81

6. Ngankikurungkurr and Ngankiwumirri

Informant Roger Kingangu
pp 01-25 Tape 76 (c.f. transcript in DR10)
25-26 Tape 88

7. Ngankikurungkurr

Informant Miriam-Rose
Collector W G Hoddinott

9. notes in Ngankikurungkurr made by W G Hoddinott in 1982

Informant probably Miriam-Rose

DR12 Ngankikurungkurr and Ngankiwumirri Miscellaneous filed notes

Ngankikurungkurr on Capell Elicitation sheets
Informant Miriam-Rose Angkanmerr
Collector W G Hoddinott Daly River 1967, 1972, 1973
(Tapes 66, 67, 68, 69)
Book 8 (old pad) "Waving Lizard Story" (Tape 72) ( c.f. transcript in DR10)

Silent Night, Lord's Prayer and two songs by Miriam-Rose

Stories written down by someone from SAL told by Patricia Mafura, Suzanne Nuya and Agnes Wahlee.

Old Word list, Verb list, problem list and stories prepared by F Kofod and W G Hoddinott to be used to check material by W G Hoddinott in 1973. (see Tapes 73, 74, 75 and 76 and also corrected transcripts in DR10)

Ngankiwumirri Vocabulary list
Informant Roger Kingangu
Collector W G Hoddinott
Check list in both Ngankikurungkurr and Ngankiwumirri
See Tapes 73, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, and 88
Corrected transcripts in DR10

Capell's original Ngankiwumirri field notes (photocopy)

DR13 Ngankikurungkurr grammar

Final and pre-final drats of the unfinished Ngankikurungkurr grammar left by W G Hoddinott. Deposited with the Institute so that interested persons may compare these with the final version prepared by F Kofod and sent to Pacific Linguistics for possible publication.


Cards with corrected transcripts of Batymal Wadjginy notes mentioned in DR7.

Djamindjungan language Group

DJ1 Djamindjung

Comparative list of words in Djamindjung, Ngaliwuru and Nungali.
Dr Capell's notes on languages in the Djamindjungan group.
Original of map of Djamindjung country reproduced in John Cleverly's M A thesis, UNE "Preliminary study of the Phonology and Grammar of Djamindjung" 1968.

DJ2 Ngaliwuru field notes

Collector Janet Bolt.
Informant George Djabanguri.
Fitzroy Station 1967 (some vocabulary and story " Bower bird and Crow" on tape 90.
Notes made prior to the final write up of "An Elementary Grammar of the Ngaliwuru language of the Northern Territory" J E Bolt, W G Hoddinott and F M Kofod.

DJ3 Nungali field notes

Collector Janet Bolt.
Informant Dinah Mayilinda.
Fitzroy Station 1967 (some vocabulary, short sentences and story "The two young men and the rainbow" on Tape 91) other wise no tape.

Tapes 92-103 are of Djamindjung and Yilngali (possibly a Gadjerong name for Djamindjung). No transcriptions are included of these. However I have kept copies of them so that I can do Comparative work on Miriwung and Djamindjung and will forward copies of any transcriptions I make to the Institute as soon as possible.

Kimberley languages


Contains a photocopy of the cards made up from Frances Kofod's Miriwung Notebooks Nos 2-10 and transcriptions of tapes Nos 135-139.

Informant Mandi Moore recorded at Kununurra from 1971-1974.

Parts of books 2-10 are on tapes 116-134 (see entries on tape sheets and list in box).

Transcriptions of tapes 104-115 (including some Gadjerong, Yilngali and Bugayngari) will be forwarded to the Institute as soon as possible.

As far as we Know none of the Miriwung material is secret but some of the stories are in the class where care should be exercised before playing them to general groups. Note that the Major Miriwung informant is now deceased and it would probably cause distress if his voice were heard in Kununurra.