Fourth Drawer

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Contents of fourth drawer

New England Area - N1 Box file

  1. List of possible informants in the New England Area in 1963-64.
  2. Copy of old photograph of "A.N.S.W. Aboriginal King - Robert King of Gumbathagang" (Grandfather of Frank Archibald).
  3. Hand written original of " The Language and Legends of the New England Area" published in I. McBride, Records of Time Past, A.I.A.S. 1978.
  4. Bibliographies, hand written extracts from reference works, copies of relevant articles and maps used as background for writing item 3.
  5. Approximately 250 words in GADANG (GADHANG) recorded at Purfleet near Taree, 16 May 1967 by W G Hoddinott from Fred Charles Bugg (then aged 70 and last know speaker of the language).
  6. Letter from Dr Capell, 5 October 1970 with short list of words in BIRPAI (Port Macquarie area). Collector and informant unknown.
  7. Copy of report of field trip by Mr C.A.F. Court to the New England District 11-23 march 1963 and words collected from Mr Jonathan Thorp and Mr Tom Murray at Guyra ANEWAN (?).
  8. Folder marked "Vocabularies" contains vocabulary lists collected from published and unpublished sources in:
    a. Mathews
    b. Unidentified source
    c. Few words recorded from Frank Archibald by W G Hoddinott 31 march 1966.
    d. Smythe
    e. Unidentified source
    f. Mathews
    Short list of Aboriginal Place names in the Clarence River District complied by Mr Ray Hansford from informant Alec Randall (died 1960 about 75 years old). Given by W R Weiley of Grafton. Probably GUMBAYNGGIR and/or IYAYGIR.
  9. Extracts from writings and covering letter from Diana Paine, 02 June 1973. Relates to Aboriginal education and relations between black and white in Armidale form 1956 to 1973.

Gumbaynggir - N2 Box file

  1. Transcriptions of songs and stories told to W G Hoddinott during the late 1960's by the following:
    a) Harry Buchanan Tape 8, Birugan Story.
    b) Amos Harvey Tape 8, Secret song, Porcupine story.
    c) Frank Archibald Armidale, Hill Song, Wonggaladji - song about the opening of the railway, Hymn song, Corroboree song, Nymboida song. Transcriptions of words of songs. Tape 6A
    d) Lennie Silva Song about fishing, Tape 6A
    e) Clarence Skinner (Grafton?) Four songs, Old Woman Story, Tape 6B
    f) Rocky Laurie GUMBAYNGGIR story. There is a tiny scrap of tape on which the informant is addressed as Rocky, with a short story in an unidentified language, the beginning of which bears some resemblance to the beginning of this transcription. (9A) This is obviously no the same version. There is no tape of this version.
  2. Two copies of typed versions of Birugan story (Harry Buchanan), Old Woman story (Clarence Skinner) and Porcupine story (Amos Harvey). Includes hand written gloss, which differs slightly in each copy.
  3. a) Rough transcript by W G Hoddinott and F Kofod of Tape 7, GUMBAYNGGIR stories told mostly in English to an Aboriginal Lady from Armidale (Possibly Ivy Smith) by Phillip Long. Includes a small number of GUMBAYNGGIR words.
    b) Transcription of tape by same informant done by Janet Bolt dated 01 June 1965. Includes a brief synopsis in English of three stories and GUMBAYNGGIR vocabulary and sentences. Tape referred to below has not been found. (N2A).
  4. Word list (100 words) and short text collected by F Kofod from Jimmy Runner at Corindi near Red Rock, mid 1970. Text is on Tape 9.
  5. Draft of "An Analysis construction for a type of Australian Aboriginal language", by F W Harwood, University of Tasmania, 17 August 1965.
  6. Transcript of Tape 6.

    Note: - See also short GUMBAYNGGIR word list in the back of notebook J3 in DHANGGADI File N4. Collected by W G Hoddinott from Les Buchanan and Fred Laurie (place not shown) and from Fanny Adams 2 Mile BagBag Forest (Pillar Valley).

    Tapes 1 to 10 are in GUMBAYNGGIR
    Two GUMBAYNGGIR songs on Tape 11 - transcription in book J3 in DHANGGADI file No. 4.
    N2A Cards with sentences in GYMBAYNGGIR. No tape found.

Dhanggadi 1 - N3 Box file

  1. Photocopy of "Some Notes on the DHANGGADI Language of the NE New South Wales with References to some of the Common Forms and Uses of the Verb".
    Paper read at Anzaas, Canberra 1968 (?) by W G Hoddinott.
  2. Short DHANGGADI word list collected by W G Hoddinott from Victor Shepherd (undated).
  3. Manilla folder containing transcriptions of tapes 18 to 21. Collector W G Hoddinott. Informant Doug Scott.

    Sentences/Vocabulary items numbered 1 to 996. The English translation of sentences 1 to 830 is on the first set of sheets in the folder. The DHANGGADI of all items is in the second set of foolscap sheets. No English translation of items 831 to 996 appears in this folder. However the English may be heard on tape 21 and is also to be found scattered throughout the Verb file (item 7 in Box File N4) and listed under individual words in Item 4 in Box File N3. Undated but must have been recorded before the paper listed as item 1 in this file was written.
  4. Alphabetical (more or less) list of all words occurring in sentences 1 to 996 giving the sentences in which they occur. Prepared by Janet Bolt.
  5. Typed copy of short list of DHANGGADI words collected by G F Cobb at Towel Creek Station, Macleay River, and NSW 1897. Source not shown.

Dhanggadi 2 - N4 Box file

  1. Notebook J3. This is all DHANGGADI except for 2 GUMBAYNGGIR songs pp 4-8 sung by Mrs Ballangary on Tape 11 and 6 pages of GUMBAYNGGIR vocabulary in the back of the book recorded by W G Hoddinott from Les Buchanan, Fred Laurie and Fanny Adams. Pp 1-85 transcriptions of tapes 11-16 recorded by Janet Bolt.

    Informants Henry Duckett, Mark Smith, Paddy Callaghan, Len Duckett, Mrs Holten, Doug Scott and Bessie Quinlan.
  2. Exercise book marked W G Hoddinott DANGGADI. Contains list of words grouped in word classes with examples of different grammatical forms in both W G Hoddinott's and Janet Bolt's handwriting.
  3. Foolscap sheets marked D2J - Transcription of Tape 17. Tingha 05 May 1967. Informant Doug Scott, Collector Janet Bolt.
  4. Handwritten copy of Mathews DHANGGADI word list corresponding words given to W G Hoddinott by Doug Scott. This is stapled together with sheets of analysis of verbs on which the paper item 1 in N3 was based.
  5. a. Small set of 6' x 4' cards showing examples of pronoun use.
    b. Set of notes marked "Dhanggadi for Analysis".
  6. Alphabetical DHANGGADI word lists - sorted into word classes.
  7. List of examples of DHANGGADI verb use sorted under English translations - based on sentences 1 to 996: item 3 in N3.
  8. Spirax notebook - Danggati/Doug Scott May 15th-18th 1987, collected by Janet Bolt.

Dhanggadi 3 - N5 Manilla folder

  1. DHANGGADI word list recorded at Bellbrook in early 1970's by a student from the University of New England - Wendy Jay, 87 Cameron Street, Kempsey. Informant not identified.

Ijeigir field notes - Books 1-3 - N6 Manilla folder

  1. Contains transcriptions of Tapes 22-27 and also a lot of other IYAYGIR material, which is not on tape. This includes vocabulary, sentences and some text with songs. Collected by W G Hoddinott from Sandy Cameron at Yamba, NSW in 1966 and 1967.
  2. Dated February 10-12 seems to have been re-written from the first part of Book 1.
  3. Dated August 22-23 1967 contains verb conjugations, a list of nouns with different case endings and some sentences. Also in this folder are a partial transcription of tape 28 and a copy of Sandy Cameron's family tree. (Source unknown).

Ijeigir grammar - N7 Manilla folder

  1. Introduction to proposed "Outline of the Grammar of the IYEIGIR Language" (North East NSW) by W G Hoddinott. Notes preliminary to final draft on Phonology, Pronouns, Nominal affixes, Verb forms etc.


    Comparative IJEIGIR - GUMBAYNGGIR - BANDJALANG word list.

Kamilaroi - N8 Manilla folder

  1. Short list of KAMILAROI words and phrases collected by W G Hoddinott from Florrie Munroe, Undated.
  2. Few KAMILAROI words, which despite the fact that it says "Deepwater/Strathbogie Walker Kamilaroi" on the sheet, I am sure, were recorded by W G Hoddinott accompanied by F Kofod in 1970 from an unnamed old man at Tingha. The place written on the sheet was a possible place to find another informant.
  4. Copy of a list of 35 words collected on a trip to Moree, Mungindi, Boggabilla and Tingha. June 9-13, 1969 by Marian Fennell.
    (Given to Mrs Hoddinott by Frances Lovejoy).