The Manuscripts Collection

The Manuscripts Collection was catalogued by Dr Richard Peter Maddox, following the form started by Gordon Anderson

The microfilms, photocopies, photographs, and fiche of actual manuscripts, ordered by Professor Anderson from all over the world, are organised in Anderson's own card index arrangement. This is set out alphabetically by city, rather than grouping by country, as is the practice in RISM.

A typical record:

Bibliotheque nationale
Ms fr. 146 [Fauv] Complete MFR; complete MFSp; complete PRINT
RISM ref. B.IV2, 163

In this example, the one manuscript is held in three of the six formats maintained in the collection which are:

  • MFR - Microfilm (MFR)
  • MFSp - microfilm spools in small cans
  • MFE - microfilm excerpt, cut into strips
  • Mfi - microfiche
  • PRINT - xerographic copy and photographs
  • HAND - handwritten copy

Variant names for manuscripts

Common Names
(RISM codes in square brackets)

Catalogue Heading Form
[Ars A] Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, 135
[Ars B] Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, 3517 - 3518
Arundel psalter / [p 11266] Bibliotheque nationale (France), Latin 11266
Bayeux manuscript Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 9346
Buxheimer Orgelbuch Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. 3752
[Ca] Cambrai (France), Bibliotheque municipale, A 410
Cambridge songs Cambridge University Library, Gg.5.35
[Cange] (See Chansonnier Cange)
Carmina Burana Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 4660
[Cb 473] (See Winchester troper)
Chansonnier Cange / [Cange] Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 846 (Formerly 7222 3; Cange 66)
Chansonnier Codiforme Bibliotheque nationale (France), Rothschild 2973
Chansonnier d'Arras Bibliotheque Arras, 657 (formerly 139)
Chansonnier de l'Arsenal Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, 5198 (formaly B.L.F. 63)
Chansonnier de roi / [R] / du roi Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 844 (formerly 7222)
Chantilly manuscript Musee Conde, Bibliotheque, 564 (formerly 1047)
Chigi codex Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Chigi C.VIII.234
Codex Faenza Faenza (Italy), Biblioteca comunale,117
Codex Ivrea Ivrea (Italy), Biblioteca capitolare (I-Iv)
Colmarer Liederhandschrift Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cgm 4997
Fauvel (See Roman de Fauvel)
Fleury Playbook Orleans (France), Bibliotheque municipal, 201
Glogauer Liederbuch Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. 40098
Huelgas codex / [Hu] Monasterio de las Huelgas de Burgos (Spain)
Jenaer Liederhandschrift Universitatsbibliothek Jena, El.f.101
Kopenhager chansonnier Kongelige Bibliothek (Denmark), Thottske samling 291 8
La Clayette / [C1] Bibliotheque nationale (France) nouv. acq. fr. 13521
[Lo A] British Library, Egerton 2615
[Lo B] British Library, Egerton 274
[Lo C] British Library, Add. 30091
[Lo D] British Library, Add 27630
Lochamer Liederbuch / Locheimer Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Mus.40613
Lyell / [Oly] / [OL 72] Bodleian Library, Lyell 72
Manessische handschrift Universitatsbibliothek Heidelberg, Pal. germ. 848
Montpellier codex / [Mo] Universite de Montpellier, Faculte de medecine, H. 196
[Mu A] Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. 4775 (gallo-rom. 42)
[Mu B] Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm. 16444
[Mu C] Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm. 5539
Mulliner book British Library, Add. 30513
Noailles / [N] Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 12615
Old Hall manuscript British Library, Add. 57950
Oly / [OL 72] / Lyell British Library, Lyell 72
Pixerecourt chansonnier Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 15123
[R] / du Roi (See Chansonnier de roi)
Roman de Fauvel / [Fauv] Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 126
Squarcialupi codex Biblioteca medicea laurenziana, Pal.87
St Andrews music book / [W1] Herzog August Bibliothek, Helmstedt 628
St Fides codex Selestat (France), Bibliotheque municipale 1187
St Germain Bibliotheque nationale (France), francais 20050
[St M - B] Bibliotheque nationale (France), latin 3549
[St M - D] British Library, Add. 36881
[St V] Bibliotheque nationale (France), latin 15139
[Tort] Catedral de Tortosa, Biblioteca, C97
[W1] Herzog August Bibliothek, Helmstedt 628(Heinemann 677)
[W2] Herzog August Bibliothek, Helmstedt1099 (Heinemann 1206)
Winchester troper / [Cb 473] Corpus Christi College, (University of Cambridge), 473
Worcester fragments / [Worc] Bodleian Library, Lat.lit.d20 ; British Library, Add. 25031 ; Wincester Cathedral, Library, Add. 68