Pinero to Yeats

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GA46 Pinero, A. W.   
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (c) A W Pinero to William Archer originals 13 Mar 1895 to 3 May 1908
GA047 Pound, E.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) E Pound to Quiller-Couch original [no date]
GA048 Powell, York    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (h) York Powell To Quiller-Couch pcopy 28 Mar 1897 to 9 Apr 1900
  (i) to (n) York Powell To Quiller-Couch originals 20 Apr 1902 to 27 Nov [no year]
  (o) York Powell To Quiller-Couch original fragment [no date]
  (p-r) York Powell To Quiller-Couch fragments [no date]
  2 Transcriptions of the letters   
  (a) F.G.A.'s transcriptions of some letters   
  10 Working notes   
  (a) Working notes by F.G.A.   
  NOTE: York Powell's handwriting is at times indecipherable. For this reason the dates of the letters, above, are suspect, and F.G.A.'s partial transcriptions are included   
GA049 Priestley, J. B.    
  1 Letter   
  (a) J.B. Priestley to F.G. Atkinson Letters 20 July [no year]
GA050 Rossetti, W. M.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) W.M. Rossetti to Quiller-Couch pcopy 19 Sept 1900
GA 051 Russell, Arthur    
  1 Letters   
  (a) Arthur Russell to Miss Forster?   1 April 1889
  (b) Arthur Russell to [unknown]   [no date]
GA052 Russell, George (A. E.)    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) George Russell to Quiller-Couch pcopy 5 Oct [no year] to [no date]
  (c) Quiller-Couch to C Cannan pcopy 29 Oct 1912
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) F.G. Atkinson. "'Mighty beautiful stuff' : two new A.E. letters and some footnotes to the Irish Renaissance". Proofs of article to be published in Etudes anglaises. letters 1976.
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) to (m) Letters to and from F.G.A. and the editor of Etudes anglaises, arranging publication of above article. letters  
GA053 Shaw, G. B.    
  Note: Letters in this folder are to Geoff Atkinson, responses to his article about his interest in G. B. Shaw's letters, published in The Sunday Mail, 23 November 1980.   
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) Violet I. Davies to F.G. Atkinson original 34 Nov 1980 to 26 Jan 1981
  (c) "Mr Bernard Shaw's plays: The author's fees for professional productions" [printed memorandum, with handwritten note on reverse by G.B.S. Enclosure with letter above.] pcopy  
  (d) Bessie Trevethan to F.G.A.    [1980]
GA054 Sitwell, Edith    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (c) Edith Sitwell to Quiller-Couch original 28 July 1939 to 14 Feb 1940
GA055(a) Swinburne, A. W.    
  Note: See Watts-Dunton File   
GA055 Terry, Ellen    
  1 Letters   
  (a) Ellen Terry to Quiller-Couch original 23 June [before 1916]
GA056 Vizetelly, H.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) E. A. Vizetelly to Quiller-Couch original 30 Oct 1893
GA057 Walkley, A.B.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (d) A.B. Walkley to Quiller Couch pcopy 3 Oct 1895 to 17 Oct 1896
  (e) to (g) A B Walkley to Quiller Couch original 1 Nov 1897 to 2 Mar 1900
  (h) to (i) A.B. Walkley to Quiller Couch pcopy 31 Aug 1903 to 13 Jun 1904
GA058 Watson, William    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (f) William Watson to Quiller-Couch pcopy 26 Apr 1900 to 16 Oct 1916?
GA059 Watts-Dunton, T.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) T. Watts-Dunton to Quiller-Couch pcopy 4 Oct 1900 to 21 Sept 1912
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) F.G. Atkinson. "Some unpublished Swinburne letters", in Notes and Queries, v. 27, no. 3, June 1980, pp.219-221. (Offprint) [This article was found in the Watts-Dunton file of F.G.A.'s gift ; it refers to the first T. Watts-Duncan letter above, and is kept in this file because no Swinburne letters (original or photocopies) were in the gift.]   
GA060 Wilson, J. Dover    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (j) J. Dover Wilson to Quiller Couch originals 15 Oct 1919 to 16 Sept 1929
  (K) J. Dover Wilson to Quiller Couch [Draft abstract of Textual Introduction.] original [no date]
  2 Transcriptions of the letters   
  (a) F.G.A.'s handwritten transcriptions of the letters. pcopy 31 Aug 1903 to 13 Jun 1904
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) F.G. Atkinson. "John Dover Wilson at work". Draft of article [not published?]   
GA061 Yeats, W.B.    
  (a) & (b) W.B. Yeats to Quiller Couch originals 11 Aug [1898?] & 10 Nov [1898?]
  (c) W.B. Yeats to York Powell original [1900?]
  (d) W.B. Yeats to Quiller Couch original [1900?]
  (e) W.B. Yeats to Elkin Matthews pcopy 16 May [1900?]
  2 Transcriptions of the letters   
  (a) F.G. Atkinson. "W.B. Yeats: A biographical note", in Notes and Queries, new series, v. 18, no. 3, pp. 107-109.   March 1971
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) to (x)

Letters from and to F.G.A. on dating the letters, copyright permissions, Yeats family descendants in Australia, and publication of article above.

GA062   Lectures on Shakespeare and other subjects, by A.T. Quiller-Couch   
  1 Letters   
  (a) "Troilus and Cressida" typescript 1 Dec 1937
  (b) "Troilus and Cressida" typescript 21 Nov 1941
  (c) "The problem of Timon" typescript [no date]
  (d) "Timon of Athens" typescript 20 Nov 1935
  (e) "The merchant of Venice" typescript  [no date]
  (f) "Joan of Arc" typescript [no date]
  (g) "The art of reading. XI. On the use of masterpieces", manuscript Wednesday, 23 Oct 1918