Chambers to Du Maurier

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  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) R. W. Chambers to Quiller-Couch originals 30 Jan 1938 & 13 June 1938
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (e) S. C. Cockerell to Quiller-Couch originals 26 Sept 1900 to 17 Sept 1912
GA014 COLVIN, S    
  1 Letters   
  (a-h) to (j-zc) S. Colvin to Quiller-Couch originals 6 June 1896 to 7 May 1925
  (i) Quiller-Couch to S. Colvin original 30 May 1897
GA015 CONRAD, J    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) J. Conrad to Quiller-Couch originals 23 Dec 1897 & 13 July 1898
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (c) F.G. Atkinson, "Misprints in a Conrad letter". typescript   
  (d) F.G. Atkinson, "A Dark Place of the Earth: An immediate fictional source for Heart of Darkness". manuscript  
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) F.G.A to The Editors, Notes and Queries   December 6, 1978
  10 Working Notes   
  (a) to (g) F.G.A.'s working notes   June/July 1978
GA016 CRAIGIE, P M-T    
  1 Letter   
  (a) P. M.T. Craigie to William Archer original [no date]
GA017 DAVIDSON, John    
  1 Letters   
  (a) John Davidson to Quiller-Couch original 3 Oct 1900
  (b) John Davidson to William Archer original 20 Nov 1905
  (c) John Davidson to Quiller-Couch [pcopy] 9 Nov 1900
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) F. G. A. "John Davidson - some contributions to standard biography", in Notes and Queries, pp. 449-450 offprint October 1975
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) J.C. Maxwell to F.G.A.   Nov 19, 1973
GA 018 DAVIES, W.H.    
  1 Letter   
  (a) W.H. Davies to Quiller-Couch [pcopy] 4 Oct 1912
GA019 DE LA MARE, W.    
  1 Letter   
  (a) W. de la Mare to Quiller-Couch original 25 Oct 1912
GA020 DOBSON, A.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (d) A. Dobson to Quiller-Couch originals 27 Sept 1900 to 25 Jul 1912
GA021 DOYLE, A. C.    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (e) A.C. Doyle to Quiller-Couch pcopy original [no date] to 4 Oct 1892
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (c) J. Drinkwater to Quiller-Couch pcopy 24 Oct 1912 & 6 Nov 1912
GA023 DU MAURIER, Daphne    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (c) Daphne du Maurier to Miss Quiller-Couch originals 7 Sept 1959 to 23 Nov 1961