Reading List

Reading List brings together text book information, online resources and book chapters that your Unit Coordinator has put together to support your learning at UNE.

Reading Lists are managed in Moodle.

reading-list-iconJust look for the Reading List icon in the Moodle site for your unit:


Where do I find a reading list for my unit?

Reading lists are in Moodle, usually in one of the following areas of your unit: Home, Unit Information or Resources.

Why can’t I find a reading list for my unit in Moodle?

Your list might still be being worked on and is not yet available. Check with your Unit Coordinator.

What should I do if a reading my lecturer said would be on Reading List is not listed?

Contact your lecturer and let them know the reading is not available and they will be able to upload it.

What should I do if one of the links in my list doesn’t work?

Please email your unit code and the citation to and the Library will check if the link needs updating.