Library Search is changing

we are live

The new, user-friendly Library Search went live according to schedule this Monday, 17 February. The new interface offers quicker and simpler access to online full-text.

Benefits of the new platform include:

  • one-click access to full-text
  • enhanced accessibility features for clients using screen readers
  • a simpler, more intuitive interface
  • support for a wider range of citation styles.

Q. When will this happen?

The new interface was launched on 17 February, 2020.

Q. How will this affect me?

The only impact will be a positive one: a faster, more intitutive search platform.

Q. What sort of help will be available?

The new Library Search includes comprehensive online help. You can also contact Library staff by phone, chat (during business hours), email or in person for assistance.

Q. How can I provide feedback?

Simply click on this button at the bottom of your screen when in Library Search.

Feedback button