Newsletter for Students

Issue 3/2015 December 2015

Welcome to Issue 3/2015 of the Newsletter for Students. In this issue we are combining the Newsletters for Local and Distance Students into one user-friendly newsletter. Most of the resources and services provided by the library are for all students, no matter what study mode you choose.

We will continue to forward an issue of the newsletter to your student email address each trimester with information for both on campus and online students, such as information on new services and resources, borrowing information, using the library during intensive schools, library events and exhibitions and much more. We hope you enjoy this issue!

If you have any feedback on the Library Newsletter 4 Students, please contact the editorial team via

Library Services Platform Project

The University Library has selected the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution and the Ex Libris Alma unified resource management service to replace a number of library systems, including Innovative Interfaces Virtua and ProQuest Summon.

In the evaluation of available library management systems and discovery services carried out by UNE, Alma and Primo came out on top as the cloud-based unified resource management and discovery platform that will support the requirements of a 21st century library and enhance the user experience of our clients.

Summon and the Library catalogue will be replaced by Primo, simplifying searching by offering one unified Search option for students and staff.

The new Search will deliver:

  • Single point of access to the Library’s electronic and print collections.
  • Improved access to full-text online.
  • Improved relevance of search results.
  • Discipline-targeted search results.
  • Article recommendations.
  • Device-agnostic access – mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Engaging, friendly interface.
  • Quick and easy requesting and delivery of library resources.

UNE will be joining an extensive community of Ex Libris customers globally. In Australia, sixteen university libraries and two state libraries have implemented the Ex Libris Alma and Primo solutions.

The implementation phase has commenced and the target for “go live” is February 2016

Library Client Survey

The biennial Library Client Survey was conducted during August and September 2015. This year the survey generated 1331 responses. The number of responses received was substantially lower than the 2013 survey, in which 2573 responses were generated, however still provides a good degree of confidence in the results obtained at the overall level.

The majority of respondents to the survey were undergraduate students at approximately 66%, with 23% being postgraduate research students. 27% of respondents were on campus students with 63% online and 7.5% international.

The primary objective of the survey is to provide the Library with a way to identify the key client concerns. More specifically, the survey aims to:

  • Identify, prioritise and manage the key issues affecting clients.
  • Allow the Library’s performance to be measured and monitored over time.
  • Provide clients with the opportunity to communicate openly and honestly with the management team of the Library, and compare results with other libraries so that performance can be measured in a best practice context.

This year, the Library recorded an overall performance score of 83.1%. This represents an improvement of 0.7% since the previous survey in 2013, and places the University of New England Library in the first quartile, or top 25% of Australian University libraries that have participated in this survey over the last two years.

The survey consists of 31 statements which participants are asked to rank for importance and performance on a scale of 1 – 7 where 1 is the lowest score and 7 the highest.


The 10 highest ranked importance factors for Library clients are listed below:

  • Online resources (eg, ejournals, databases, ebooks) meet my learning and research needs (6.68).
  • When I am away from campus I can access the Library resources and services I need (6.62).
  • Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries (6.58).
  • Course specific resources (eg: eReserve and Print Reserve) meet my learning needs (6.58).
  • Library staff are approachable and helpful (6.57).
  • I can get wireless access in the Library when I need to (6.56).
  • Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination (6.55).
  • Library staff are readily available to assist me (6.52).
  • The Library website is easy to use (6.50).
  • Electronic delivery of library items meets my needs (6.50).

The 10 factors ranked highest in performance by clients in 2015 are listed below. Those factors marked with an asterisk were also identified in the top 10 importance list:

  • Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination* (6.58).
  • Library staff are approachable and helpful* (6.44).
  • Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries* (6.32).
  • Library staff are readily available to assist me* (6.26).
  • I can get wireless access in the Library when I need to (6.24).
  • The Library is a good place to study (6.08).
  • Face to face enquiry services (Service Desk, phone, etc) meet my needs* (6.00).
  • I can find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need to (5.94).
  • When I am away from campus I can access the Library resources and services I need (5.93).
  • Self Service (eg: self check loans, requests, renewals, holds) meets my needs (5.90).
Focus for improvement

The perceived difference (gap) between the importance and performance scores is used to identify factors for improvement.

Gaps between 1.00 and 1.99 are considered meaningful and should be investigated further. The 10 factors with the highest gap are listed below. Those factors marked with an asterisk were also identified in the top 10 importance list:

  • Online resources (eg: ejournals, databases, ebooks) meet my learning and research needs* (1.01).
  • The Library catalogue is easy to use (1.00).
  • The Library website is easy to use* (0.85).
  • Opening hours meet my needs (0.82).
  • Information resources located in the Library (eg: books, journals, DVDs) meet my learning and research needs (0.79).
  • Electronic delivery of library items meets my needs* (0.78).
  • Course specific resources (eg: eReserve and Print Reserve) meet my learning needs* (0.75).
  • The items I’m looking for on the Library shelve are usually there (0.74).
  • When I am away from campus I can access the Library resources and services I need* (0.69).
  • A computer is available in the Library when I need one (0.67).

By completing the survey, participants may have been eligible to enter a draw to win a pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones.The randomly drawn winner was Morgan Burrows.

A more detailed analysis and access to the full report will be made available later in the year.

Results from past surveys can be found on the library website.

Services in Dixson Library

  • Wifi available throughout the building
  • Laptop benches and lockers
  • Study Rooms
  • Printing and Scanning
  • Silent Study Areas
  • Computers
  • Group Study Areas
  • Facilities for Students
Safety & Security

Office hours 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

  • Student ID cards
  • Parking permits
  • Way Finding
  • Lost Property
  • Incident Reporting
  • Flat Battery Assistance
  • Maps & General Directions
  • General enquiries
Student Central
  • Normally open from 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday
  • General student enquiries
  • Assistance with admissions, enrolment, advanced standing, student support and graduation
  • Appointments with Enrolment and Progression Officers
  • Collection of Academic Record orders
  • Assistance with completion of online forms
Academic Skills
  • The Academic Skills Office (ASO) has an office in the Dixson Library. The office is not staffed continuously, but only when a booking has been made.
  • If you wish to make a booking with ASO staff, phone (02) 6773 3600 or email Further information is available on the ASO site.
IT Help

In person IT Support normally available during Dixson Library Opening Hours. Assistance with:

  • Set up wireless connection.
  • Printing.
  • Moodle.
  • Laptop, tablets.
  • UNE account.
  • Calendar of Opening hours.
Talk to a Librarian

You can talk with a library staff member or a librarian who knows your subject area using the following:

  • Call the Service Desk and discuss your needs with them, they’ll answer your question or refer you to a specialist.
  • Book A Librarian – book a time to work with a librarian. We’ll work with you over the phone, over the internet or face-to-face here on campus.
  • Chat – Ask a librarian between 11am and 2pm Monday to Friday or 6pm – 8pm Monday to Thursday.

To renew your loans, click on the Renew your loans button on the Library home page. This will take you to your Library Account. Here you can check to make sure we have received your returns, and see the items we have recalled for you.

Note that you will not be able to renew your loans if the following applies:

  • you have already renewed the item the maximum number of times;
  • another borrower is waiting for the item; and
  • you are suspended from borrowing.

If you are not able to renew a loan for any reason, it must be returned by the due date or a fine will be imposed.

Requests over the Festive Season

The Library wishes all of its users a safe and happy holiday season.

Requests from online students who reside outside the Armidale and Uralla postages for material from our own collections will not be processed between 24 December 2015 and 4 January 2016.

The Library ceased requesting material from other libraries (ILLs) on Monday, 21 December 2015, and will not resume requesting until Monday, 11 January 2016.

When ILL services resume at UNE, there may be delays in processing times as many libraries have extended periods of suspension from the national resource sharing system in January.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

From Collection Delivery: Allison, Kirra, Ian, Simone, Crystal, Graham, Jude and Louise

Sharing Screens for Training and for Problem Solving

Did you know the librarians can share computer screens with you wherever you are so you can see how we find resources and how we use them?

So no need to be in the same room or even the same town with our librarians. Just book a time (see Book A Librarian on our Home Page) with your subject specialist and follow our prompts to share your screen with us.

Borrowing from other libraries

You can become a member of any Australian University library near you. For more information on services see:
Services for Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

Online Help

  • We have online resources to help you solve problems 24 x 7.
  • Librarian Assistance.
  • Subject Guides with help for specific assignments and information on the best sources of information.
  • Where are the ebooks and how to use them.
  • Online help finding resources for essays in eSkills 2.0.
  • Help with access problems – browsers, firewalls, pdfs, etc.


Judith Wright: country that built my heart

2015 marks the centenary of renowned Australian poet Judith Wright’s birth. Her and her family’s connection to the New England region was fundamental to her writing, and she described it in her poem Train Journey as ‘country that built my heart’.

Danielle Rossi Duarte, as Acting UNE Art Collection Manager, has curated an exhibition drawing together items held by the Heritage Centre, Dixson Library and the UNE Art Collection to illustrate the mark left by Judith Wright on the ‘high, lean country’ of New England.

On display: Dixson Library, Level 2, 20 November 2015 – 31 May 2016

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