Newsletter 4 students

Library Newsletter 4 Students

Issue 2 2017

Our New Staff

The University Library has recently recruited many new staff.

We would like to welcome the following members to our team:

  • Trini Angeles
    Information Resources Access Librarian
  • Jane Lally
    Learning and Teaching Services Librarian
  • Michael Affleck
    Learning and Teaching Services Librarian
  • Jessica Fitzgerald
    Learning and Teaching Services Librarian||
  • Annette Messell
    Learning and Teaching Services Librarian
  • Michelle Coxsen
    Learning and Teaching Services Librarian
  • Thomas Reeson
    Research Data Librarian
  • Gilbert Meyns
    Researcher Services Librarian
  • Eleanor Colla
    Researcher Services Librarian
  • Tracy Bruce
    Senior Researcher Services Librarian
  • Merilyn Edgar
    Library Research Manager
  • Virginia James
    Senior Data Quality and Metadata Librarian
  • Ebe Kartus
    Library Content and Discovery Manager

EndNote X8

EndNote X8 has been launched. EndNote is a place which can store the PDF articles you have read. It can keep track of citations, understands referencing and can assemble your bibliography.

EndNote X8 has been released across UNE.

Search Update

After the initial implementation of the new Library Services Platform in 2016, the Library received a number of comments and complaints from students and staff on how the Search function works in linking to full-text resources. Library staff have been working closely with the vendor to identify and rectify issues and believe there has been significant progress and improvement with the Search functionality.

A follow up Search User Feedback Survey was conducted during April/May this year to measure potential improvements in Search.  There were 671 responses to this survey.  Key findings are:

* Ease of use of Search, looking for a specific title, and getting to the full text of an article have all improved.

* The results of the survey demonstrate the improvement in student experience with Search in 2017 compared with 2016.

* The results of the 2017 survey also demonstrate that satisfaction with Search is higher than satisfaction with the previous discovery tool, Summon, in spite of comments from a small number of students.

* The Library is working toward improving the client experience further. For example, the proportion of respondents who disagreed or strongly disagreed that it is easy to get to the full text of an article using Search was 23.02% - the library aims to reduce this level of dissatisfaction.

The Library also conducted a usability study and focus group session in the use of Search with international students in response to feedback from the International Student Barometer Survey conducted in April/May 2016.

The results of the usability study and focus groups can be grouped broadly into three general areas identified for improvement: The Search user interface; education and training; and communication surrounding how to use Search and where to find help.

The Library are currently investigating strategies for improvements in these areas.

One strategy to address issues with Search, in particular when full text is not available, is the implementation of a new reporting form.  The Report Access Problem form is available from the Library website and within Search if clients experience problems accessing an online resource.  Information from the form is directed to an email address which is monitored daily, and the client is informed of the status of the problem.

2017 Library Client Survey

Every second year the University Library conducts a client survey. The purpose of this survey is to identify major improvement opportunities within the library. The survey also helps us to benchmark our performance against many other Australian university libraries.

The 2017 survey is open from Monday 14 August until Friday 15 September. You can find the link to the survey and the terms and conditions on our website at

A review of the 2015 survey results and results from past surveys can be found on the Library website:

Borrowing from Other Libraries

Live near another university?  Check out how you can borrow from other universities.

University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) is the borrowing scheme for students and staff at Australian and New Zealand universities. UNE staff and students can apply for in-person borrowing rights at the libraries of ULANZ universities.

Once you join you will be able to borrow physical items from the library but you probably won’t be able to access their online resources.

Borrowing conditions are set by the host library. You must observe these conditions and pay any appropriate fees and charges. The University Library has an obligation to recover outstanding fees and charges on behalf of host libraries.

Avoiding Fines

Information on saving on fines can be found here on our website.

Check your UNE emails for

-           Reminder notices

-           Recall notices (these may change your due date)

Plus – video on renewing your loans in time to avoid fines and placing a hold on items that are out on loan.

Looking for Patents?

Check the Library Patents guide to find information on finding Patents in UNE databases and the citing of patents. The guide can be found here

Access Problems?

The Library can assist in helping you with problems surrounding access to:

  • PDFs
  • Google
  • ReadCube
  • Firewalls
  • Browsers

To obtain help on access see our Access Problems Page for solutions.

Extended Library Service Hours Pilot

We understand that online support for students and our opening hours can sometimes be limited. In an effort to understand the type of support students need, particularly leading up to the Trimester 2 exam period, the University Library will be trialing extended service hours.

From Monday 28 August to Sunday 8 October the Dixson Library Opening Hours will be:

Monday - Thursday

8.30am - 9.00pm (no change)


8.30am - 6.00pm (extended)

Saturday and Sunday:
10.00am - 6.00pm (extended)

Online Students

Sharing screens for training and problem solving

Did you know the librarians can share computer screens with you wherever you are so you can see how we find resources and how we use them?

So no need to be in the same room or even the same town with our librarians.  Just book a time (see Book A Librarian) with your subject specialist and follow our prompts to share your screen with us.

Online Help

We have online resources to help you solve problems 24x7.

Subject guides with help for specific assignments and information on the best sources of information.

Where are theeBooks and how to use them?

Online help finding resources for essays in eSkills 2.0.

Requesting materials from the UNE Library collection

If you are studying Online you are eligible for postal delivery of materials from the Library collection. Requests for items can be made directly from Search.

You can borrow the same material as students living on campus. If the book you require is available for loan, we will send it within two working days. If it is unavailable at the time, we will spend up to 5 working days attempting to source it before contacting you.

Students are responsible for the cost of return postage for borrowed items.

Information on borrowing from home can be found here:

Your Online Library Account

To renew your loans log into your Online Library Account from the Renew your loansicon on the library home page.

You can also check to make sure we have received your returns and see the items we have recalled for you.

A renewal is an extension of your original loan period. A loan cannot be renewed if:

* You have already renewed the item the maximum number of times.

* Another borrower is waiting for the item.

* You are suspended from borrowing.

Reinstatement of Chat Service

The Library Chat service was reinstated from Monday 28 August as follows:

Monday - Thursday

10.00am - 8.45pm


10.00am - 4.45pm

Weekends and Public Holidays

1.00pm - 4.45pm

You can access chat on the Library home page


On campus? Online? It doesn’t matter when you come to the Online@Lunch. These webinars are your chance to meet other students and ask questions of the librarians, whilst learning how to make the most of our services. Check-out the recordings of past sessions:

YouTube Channel

Have you subscribed to our Library YouTube channel? You can find useful library tips and tricks here:

Send in a Question

You can send us your questions and we’ll reply, often on the same day.

Ask a Librarian – whatever your question, we’ll try to find the best answer.

Subject Search – tell us about your assignment and we’ll offer advice on where and how to look.

Talk to a Librarian

You can talk with a library staff member or a librarian who knows your subject area using the following:

Call the Service Desk and discuss your needs with them, they’ll answer your question or refer you to a specialist.

Book a Librarian – book a time to work with a librarian. We’ll work with you over the phone, over the internet or face-to-face here on campus.

Chat – Monday – Thursday 10.00am – 8.45pm

Friday 10.00am – 4.45pm

Weekends and Public Holidays 1.00pm-4.45pm

Library Opening Hours

You can find the opening hours for both Dixson and Law on our site.