Library Newsletter 4 Students

Issue 2/2016 July 2016

Search News

Students can now request loans, recall books from other Library users and for parts of books held in the Library to be digitised and emailed to you directly from Search on the Library website.

To use these services, simply search for the items you are wanting in the purple Search box on the Library site, ensure you are logged in, and then select the Get It tab and Request or Digitisation option.

For guidance you may like to watch the instructional videos below or contact us on 1800 059 735.

The Library staff appreciate the patience that students have shown in the move to the new Library system, and we hope you are enjoying the ability to borrow more items, for longer, with more renewals. For more information, please see the borrowing terms listed on the Library site.

Library QuickTips

Library QuickTips are short, informative videos with useful tips on finding and using Library resources effectively: using Library Search, finding journal articles, finding course readings, borrowing, and many more. Interactive videos link directly to related resources for more detailed information.

See our short demonstrations of how to quickly and easily request book loans, and to request digitisation of book chapters and print journal articles. Don't miss out on tips to improve your resource finding skills.

  • Past exam papers.
  • Is it peer reviewed?
  • Encyclopedias & dictionaries.
  • eReserve readings.
  • Borrowing elsewhere.
  • Oxford English dictionary online.
  • Library help.
  • Request book loan: online students.
  • Request digitisation: book chapter.
  • Request digitisation: journal article
  • Quick find books.

Email us with your suggestions for more topics:

EndNote Top Tips

Tips for your Library
  1. Enter each author on a new line and use the format Family Name, First name. Be sure to include the comma.
  2. If the author is an organisation, include a comma at the end of the name.  For example, Australian Bureau of Statistics, making sure there is a comma after the word "Statistics".
  3. Create one library and use Groups (in the EndNote toolbar) to organise the references within the Library. Insertion of citations into a Word document from more than one EndNote library may corrupt the document.
  4. Before you start your resume writing, check your EndNote library for, and remove, any duplicate references. This will avoid possible document corruption. From the EndNote toolbar, click References > Find Duplicates.
  5. Regularly back-up your EndNote library. Create a compressed file of your library (File > Compressed Library), which will automatically include the library's data file. Ideally, save it to an external hard drive. Avoid using other external cloud-based storage systems or Dropbox.
Cite While you Write (in Word) Tips
  1. To add or remove information from in-text citations, or to delete an in-text citation from the document, always use Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  2. Before cutting and pasting text within a document that contains formatted citations, click Convert to Unformatted Citations (in the Convert Citations and Bibliography menu). This avoids corruption of the document. To reformat the document, click Update Citations and Bibliography.
  3. If you convert your document to plain text you will NOT be able to reformat the document using EndNote. Make sure you have saved a "live" copy that links to the EndNote library.
  4. For more tips on using EndNote, try the relevant subject guide: EndNote X7 for PC and cEndNote X7 for Mac.

eSkills 2.0

eSkills 2.0 is a series of online tutorials to help students with their university assignments.

The first series is directed towards understanding and responding to the requirements of a university essay, including:

  1. Understanding essay requirements.
  2. Searching for information.
  3. Evaluating the quality of information.
  4. Writing the essay (currently under construction).
  5. Referencing the essay (currently under construction).
  6. Watch this space. More tutorials will be coming soon.

Online Students

Sharing screens for training and problem solving

Did you know the librarians can share computer screens with you wherever you are so you can see how we find resources and how we use them?

So no need to be in the same room or even the same town with our librarians. Just book a time (see Book A Librarian) with your subject specialist and follow our prompts to share your screen with us.

Online Help

We have online resources to help you solve problems 24x7.

Your Online Library Account

To renew your loans log into your Online Library Account from the Renew your loans icon on the library home page.

You can also check to make sure we have received your returns and see the items we have recalled for you.

A renewal is an extension of your original loan period. A loan cannot be renewed if:

  • You have already renewed the item the maximum number of times.
  • Another borrower is waiting for the item.
  • You are suspended from borrowing.

Support Services: Dixson Library – Level 2

Safety and Security

Library office hours 8.30am – 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)

  • Student ID cards.
  • Parking permits.
  • Way Finding.
  • Lost Property.
  • Incident Reporting.
  • Flat Battery Assistance.
  • Maps and General Directions.
  • General enquiries.
  • Safety escort for staff and students.
Student Central

Normally open from 9.00am – 5.00pm (Monday to Friday)

  • General student enquiries.
  • Assistance with admissions, enrolment, advanced standing, student support and graduation.
  • Appointments with Enrolment and Progression Officers.
  • Collection of Academic Record orders.
  • Assistance with completion of online forms.
Academic Skills

The Academic Skills Office (ASO) has an office in the Dixson Library. The office is not staffed continuously, but only when a booking has been made.

If you wish to make a booking with ASO staff, phone (02) 6773 3600 or email.

IT Service Desk

In person IT Support normally available during Dixson Library Opening Hours and can provide assistance with:

  • Set up wireless connection.
  • Printing.
  • Moodle.
  • Laptop, tablets.
  • UNE account.

Exhibitions in the Dixson Library

Martha Simpson and the Montessori Method
4 July 2016 to 6 March 2017

Stairwell Showcase
Dixson Library

Martha Simpson (1865-1948) was a reforming teacher who worked in the NSW public school system.

In 1913 she was sent by the NSW Department of Public Instruction to Italy to study Maria Montessori's methods of infant education. Dr Montessori's pedagogy was revolutionary for its time and involved treating children as individuals and giving them increased control over the learning process.

In 1914 Martha Simpson published a book on the Montessori method and how it had been implemented at Blackfriars School in Sydney.  This publication was highly influential in promoting Montessori ideas throughout Australia.

The exhibition will draw on the UNE Museum of Education's collection of Martha Simpson memorabilia and early Montessori apparatus.

The Art of the Illuminated Address

8 June to 23 September 2016

Letters Corridor
Dixson Library

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries illuminated addresses were often used to thank prominent individuals for their contributions to organisations. The word "illuminated" refers to the use of gold and silver and bright colours to light up the pages in the tradition of medieval illuminated manuscripts. This revival of the medieval craft of making illuminated manuscripts was part of the broader Gothic Revival which shaped much of the art and architecture of the nineteenth century.

The exhibition draws from illuminated addresses held by the UNE Museum of Education and the UNE Heritage Collections many of which include superb vignettes of New England landmarks.

Library Sun Deck

The Dixson Library sun deck on level 3 is currently closed for repairs. Out apologies for any inconvenience.

Talk to a Librarian

You can talk with a library staff member or a librarian who knows your subject area using the following:

  • Call the Service Desk and discuss your needs with them, they'll answer your question or refer you to a specialist.
  • Book A Librarian – book a time to work with a librarian.  We'll work with you over the phone, over the Internet or face-to-face here on campus.
  • Chat – Ask a Librarian between 11am - 2pm Monday to Friday, or 6pm – 8pm Monday to Thursday.

Send in a Question

You can send us your questions and we'll reply, often on the same day.

  • Ask A Librarian – whatever your question, we'll try to find the best answer.
  • Subject Search – tell us about your assignment and we'll offer advice on where and how to look (You'll find the subject search form under the Loan and Copy requests button).

Library Opening Hours

You can find the Library opening hours for both Dixson and Law on our website: