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The Museum of Education is built around a unique collection of historic school houses. These are a 1883 'beehive' school (Pallamallawa), a Dumaresq school from the 1880s and a 1948 portable classroom from Armidale High. Each schoolhouse is furnished with authentic school furniture, books, teaching aids and photographs.

One of the exhibits at the Museum is a replica of an old travelling school. The travelling school consists of a wagon with a sleeping bunk, a cooking stove and a blackboard. It was both home and school for the teacher. This replica was constructed in 1959 under the supervision of a former travelling school teacher from Ivanhoe.

In addition, the Museum has a superb collection of early school texts and departmental publications, comprising 6,000 volumes.


Replica of an old travelling school

The Museum exhibits the rich heritage of education in this region and is a must-see for anyone with an interest in the history of education or rural life.


The Museum is open by appointment. Groups and individuals interested in visiting the Museum should contact: 

The University Curator
P: 02 6773 6466 


The Museum is located on Kentucky St, Armidale, next to the New England Regional Art Museum.