UNE Art Collection

Barrington Tops 2008. Oil and Acrylic on paper. Artist: Stuart Boggs. Purchased 2010.

Barrington Tops 2008. Oil and Acrylic on paper. Artist: Stuart Boggs. Purchased 2010.

The University of New England Art Collection was established to demonstrate the University's commitment to the study, patronage and advancement of the arts. Since the first donation was received in 1938, the Collection has expanded to over 1000 works including paintings, drawings, watercolours and prints in all manner of genre and style. The UNE Art Collection reflects our regional character and the University's place in the community through its holdings of art by regional artists and artists who have worked in the area, as well as art which reflects themes of importance and of significance to the University.

Exhibition and displays

The UNE Art Collection is a distributed collection on display throughout the Campus in both public and private areas. Themed selections of artworks are regularly exhibited on Level 2 of Dixson Library.

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Gifts and donations to the Art Collection

Art work: Ralph Lillford, 1965. Temple Wall Edlington.

Temple Wall Edlington, 1965. Oil on board. Artist: Ralph Lillford. Gift of the artist, 2012.

The University welcomes cash donations and bequests for the benefit of the UNE Art Collection and accepts in-kind gifts of artwork that enhance the Collection and support its educational activities.

How to give

If you would like to support the UNE Art Collection through a monetary gift or bequest please contact:

Office of Advancement
Phone 02 6773 2870
Email advance@une.edu.au.

Enquiries regarding proposed in-kind gifts and bequests of artwork should be directed to:

Narelle Jarry, Associate Director, University Collections
Phone 02 6773 1024
Email njarry@une.edu.au

Conditions of acceptance of in-kind gifts

Gifts of art are accepted for inclusion in the Collection through the UNE Art Collection Advisory Committee on the basis of their relevance to the collecting aims as stated in the UNE Art Collection Management Policy. Donations are accepted on the understanding that they become the property of the University of New England and may not be claimed back at a later date. The UNE Art Collection does not accept gifts as long term loans, except under exceptional circumstances.

Gifts are accepted on the understanding that the location, retention, preservation or other considerations relating to their use or disposal are at the discretion of the University. Gifts may not be accepted if the donor wishes to place any limitations or restrictions on their use or disposal. The University reserves the right to decline or dispose of gifts in-kind.

A tax deduction for the market value of a gift may be available to donors offering important collections or individual titles to the University of New England under the Cultural Gifts Program. Gifts in-kind need to be valued by two valuers chosen from a list of those accredited for the purpose by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

University staff are not accredited to provide valuations of donations, and their estimates are not acceptable to the ATO.

An ATO Certificate of Donation must also be completed, transferring ownership from the donor to the University.