Asquith to Buchanan

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GA001 ASQUITH, W H    
  1 Letters   
  (a) W.H. Asquith to Quiller-Couch pcopy Aug 8 1920
GA002 BALDWIN, Stanley    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (p) Stanley Baldwin to Quiller-Couch pcopy Feb 9, 1921 to Oct 27 1933
GA003 BENSON, Arthur    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (p) Arthur Benson To Quiller-Couch pcopy Dec 16, 1896 to Mar 29, 1925
GA004 BINYON, Laurence (1)    
  1 Letter   
  (a) Laurence Binyon to Quiller-Couch   Nov 12 [1900]
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) Articles published incorporating and commenting on the letters, by Geoffrey Atkinson copy  
  (b) Notes & Queries, [Letter from George Moore to Quiller-Couch]   Nov 1972
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) to (e) Correspondence between Geoffrey Atkinson and Mrs N. Gray (daughter of L. Binyon) pcopy carbon copy 7 Feb 1978 to 18 Mar 1978
  (f) Letter from N. Gray to F.A.   not dated
  (g) Letters to and from Geoffrey Atkinson and St. Helen's Record Office, and the Trustees of the Elgar Birthplace original 8 Feb 1978 to 18 March 1978
  (h) Letters to and from Geoffrey Atkinson and the Society of Authors original June/July 1978
  (i) Letters to and from Geoffrey Atkinson and the Editors of Notes and Queries original April/May 1981
GA005 Binyon, Laurence (2)    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (t) Laurence Binyon to Mrs Elgar pcopy 3 Mar 1915 to 5 Oct 1933
GA006 BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) Wilfrid Blunt to Quiller-Couch   19 Sept 1900 & 26 July 1912
  10 Working notes   
  (a) W. S. Blunt My Diaries Part 1: 1888 - 1900, London   1919
  (b) W. S. Blunt My Diaries Part 2: 1900-1914. London   1920
  (c) The Earl of Lytton Wilfred Scawen Blunt London   1961
  (d) E. Finch, Wilfred Scawen Blunt   1840 - 1922
  (e) "Extras: Blunt & Morris"   
GA007 BOTTOMLEY, Gordon    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) Gordon Bottomley to Quiller-Couch   8 Oct 1912 & 2 Dec 1915
GA008 Bridges, Robert    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (v) Robert Bridges to Quiller-Couch originals 25 Jan 1893 to 25 Nov [1929]
  10 Working notes   
  (a) by G. Atkinson on the dating of the letters.   
  (b) Furbank, P. N. "The stiffening of opinions." [Review of The selected letters of Robert Bridges, with the correspondence of Robert Bridges and Lionel Muirhead, edited by Donald E Stanford. Golden Cockerel/Associated University Press/Cornwall Books, 1985.] in Times Literary Supplement, pp. 107-108   Feb 1 1985
GA009 BROOKE, Rupert    
  1 Letters   
  (a) to (b) A Rupert Brooke to Quiller-Couch pcopy  Oct 15 1912 & June 8 1914
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) F. G. Atkinson. "Rupert Brooke: two unpublished letters". Offprint from: Notes and Queries, p. 296: offprint July 1976
  (b) Typescript of above article. typescript  
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) to (c) Letters to and from G. A. and J.C.Maxwell concerning deciphering and publication of the Brooke letters.   
GA010 BROWNING, Oscar    
  1 Letters   
  (a) Oscar Browning to Quiller-Couch   9 Mar 1917
  3 Drafts and/or offprints or photocopies   
  (a) G. Atkinson. "An early Victorian education" in Notes and Queries   Jan, 1976
  4 Correspondence   
  (a) G. Atkinson to K.C.B. Allott   Nov 23 1973
  (b) Miriam Allott to G. Atkinson   Nov 28 1973
  (c) J.C. Maxwell to G. Atkinson.   Dec 3 1973
  (d) G. Atkinson to J.C. Maxwell   Jan 2 1974
GA011 Buchan, J    
  1 Letter   
  (a) J. Buchan to Quiller-Couch   1 Aug 1911