Internal Selection Program

The Internal Selection on Program (ISP) is an alternative entry program offered by the Oorala Aboriginal Centre to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wishing to enrol in higher education at the University of New England.

During a one-day testing and assessment program held on-campus in Armidale, or at UNE Sydney in Parramatta, candidates complete a personal statement, outlining their suitability and plans for studying at UNE, and a number of academic literacy tests. Candidates also attend an interview conducted by Oorala representatives. Assistance for travel and accommodation to attend the ISP is provided by Abstudy for eligible participants.

Next ISP assessment date for Trimester 3, 2018 and Trimester 1, 2019 admission: 12 October 2018


  1. Candidates who successfully complete the ISP will be offered a place in an undergraduate degree program at the University of New England, subject to any additional entry requirements.
  2. Unsuccessful candidates will be offered a place in the TRACKS tertiary preparation program and will have the opportunity to discuss alternative pathways to higher education with representatives from Oorala.

How to Apply

  1. Submit the following information to the Oorala Centre for assessment by Oorala Centre representatives
    1. Relevant documentation, including evidence of prior learning, professional experiences and references (e.g. copies of TAFE Certificates and a CV)
    2. ISP application form; indicating their proposed undergraduate degree program
  2. Apply separately for your chosen UNE course at

For more information or for assistance with completing these steps, please contact Guido Posthausen at the Oorala Aboriginal Centre on Freecall: 1800 622 384 or email

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