Student Access and Inclusion

The UNE Student Access and Inclusion offers practical assistance and advice to students, who may be affected by an injury, long illness, disability, learning difficulties or other health condition, as well as for students, who are carers of family members with a disability.

Our Student Access and Inclusion office will help you evaluate your academic success requirements and the best plan to assist you.

  • Have you received extra time for exams and/or special provisions at school?
  • Do you have a broken arm or a long illness that is affecting your study?
  • Do you have a health condition or disability that impacts on your study and/or workplace placement?
  • Are you a carer of a relative or friend with a disability or other health condition and sometimes struggle to get all your uni work done

The staff at the Student Access and Inclusion can provide advice, assistance and reasonable adjustments can be given to assist you to participate in UNE studies.

To be eligible for assistance you will be required to register through AskUNE and provide supporting health professional documentation.

For more information contact the UNE Student Access and Inclusion Office.