Targeted Tutorial Assistance (TTA) Program

Tutor - Terms and Conditions

1. Employment

1.1 I understand that the role of a TTA Tutor is a casual position, and for that reason my income and the ongoing availability of work cannot be guaranteed.

1.1 I understand that as an employee of UNE and the Oorala Aboriginal Centre I must act in accordance with UNE Policies and procedures.

2. Preparation, Attendance and Administration

2.1 I agree that it is my responsibility to prepare for, and attend, all tutorial sessions.

2.2 I agree that specific methods and times of contact are to be decided at the beginning of the agreement between my student and myself, and that I must not initiate contact outside of those arrangements.

2.3 I agree that it is my responsibility to complete the following administrative tasks promptly and accurately:

(a) Work plan;

(b) Tutorial Session/s; and

(c) End of Trimester Evaluation

2.4 I understand that any failure to complete my administrative responsibilities may result in a delay in payment to me.

2.5 I agree that it is my responsibility to liaise with students to ensure that they have reviewed work plans and tutorial sessions submitted.

2.6 I agree to provide Oorala with student and program feedback, as appropriate.

3. Commencing Tutorials

3.1 I understand that tutorial sessions can only begin when:

(a) I am a registered tutor via the TTA Online; and

(b) my registration has been approved by Oorala; and

(c) UNE Human resources have processed my casual contract with Oorala; and

(d) Oorala has paired me with a student via the TTA Online; and

(e) the student has accepted me as their tutor via the TTA Online; and

(f) I have accepted the student via the TTA Online

3.2 I understand that neither Oorala nor UNE will be responsible for payment of any tutoring arrangements that have not complied with clause 3.1 above.

4. Total Approved Hours

(a) I agree that my pay claim for hours worked will not exceed the number of approved allocated hours as stated in Section 4 of the TTA Guidelines. Furthermore I understand that should tutorial hours exceed the allocation, this will result in non-payment for additional hours.

(b) I agree that it is my responsibility to monitor the weekly usage of approved allocated hours for each of my students to ensure that the maximum allocation is not exceeded.

(c) I understand that should a student need to vary or increase their TTA support, it is my responsibility to submit a written request to the TTA Program Coordinator at as outlined in Section 5 of the TTA Guidelines. This request will be assessed by TTA Program Coordinator and Student Experience Team leader as outlined in Section 6 of the TTA Guidelines.

5. Tutor Claims for Payment

5.1 I agree that it is my responsibility to accurately and promptly submit my claim for casual hours worked via Web Kiosk, prior to the scheduled deadline as instructed by Human Resources.

5.2 I understand that I cannot accumulate hours worked over time, and that I have a responsibility to submit my claim for hours worked on regular, fortnightly basis.

5.3 I understand that where I do not claim my hours worked and submit them via Web Kiosk within two (2) UNE HR Pay cycles, I will not receive payment for those hours.

5.4 I understand that my claim for hours worked will only be approved if tutorial sessions have been submitted and approved via the TTA Online.

5.5 I understand that as per the UNE Academic and English Language Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement I am required to claim a minimum of 2 hours per engagement.

6. Cancellation policy

6.1 If I require the tutorial session to be postponed or cancelled I agree that it is my responsibility to give the student at least 24 hours’ notice by phone or email.

6.2 If I am unable to provide 24 hours’ notice due to unforeseen circumstances or an emergency, I agree to provide as much notice as I possible by phone or email.

6.3 If my availability changes, I am to notify the TTA Program Coordinator as soon as possible to ensure minimal disruption to the student.

6.4. I understand that if a student fails to provide sufficient notice or does not provide any notice at all, this is classed as a “NO SHOW”. In that instance:

(a) I am responsible for immediately notifying the TTA Program Coordinator.

(b) I am eligible to claim a 2 hour “NO SHOW” payment. This 2 hour is to be deducted from the student’s allocation of TTA hours.

(c) I will only be paid for two (2) “NO SHOWS” per trimester.

7. Originality of work

7.1 I agree that under no circumstances will I do any part of my student/s work.

7.2 I agree that I will not undertake library research, subject reading, take or supply notes, nor write or word-process assignments on behalf of my student/s.

7.3 I understand that editing and proof reading of my student/s work is not my responsibility. However, I can provide assistance to my student/s in developing their ability to edit and proof read their own work.

8. Personal information

8.1 I agree that information I provide to Oorala about the TTA is confidential. I understand it will be kept on file and may be shared with UNE and/or the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in a de-identified form for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

9. Conflict of Interest

9.1 I understand that it is my responsibility to declare any actual or perceived conflict of interest that may influence my participation in the TTA Program.

10. Conclusion

10.1 I understand that failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions may result in the termination of my position with UNE and Oorala.