Where a student is assessed as being eligible to receive TTA support, as outlined in Section 2 of the TTA Guidelines, Oorala will assign a qualified tutor to provide academic support. Below is an outline of the approved allocated available to students.

Program of Study

Tutoring Allocation

Pathways & TRACKS

2 hours per teaching week, per unit


2 hours per teaching week, per unit

Postgraduate (Coursework)

2 hours per teaching week, per unit

Joint Medical Program

2 hours per teaching week, per 6 credit points

Postgraduate (Research)

Students will be referred to programs offered by UNE Research Services

The approved allocation is also subject to the following:

  1. Tutoring is accessible only during the UNE teaching period. This does not include the mid-trimester break or the examination period. It is the responsibility of tutors and students to be aware of the dates of each teaching period specific to the student’s field of study.
  2. The allocation of TTA hours must not be exceeded. It is the responsibility of the tutor and the student to monitor their usage of their approved allocation of TTA hours.
  3. The number of approved TTA hours allocated for each week cannot be carried forward or accrued for future sessions.
  4. Applications to vary or increase a student’s approved TTA allocation, must be submitted to the TTA Program Coordinator in writing and prior to tutoring being held. It is the responsibility of the student and/or tutor to submit this application as outlined in Section 5 of the TTA Guidelines.