Tutoring cannot commence until:

  • the student has submitted an application for tutoring for the current trimester; and
  • the TTA Program Coordinator has offered a tutoring arrangement via the TTA Admin App for that trimester, and both the student and tutor have accepted the arrangement via the TTA Admin App.

Tutoring arrangements are not carried into the next teaching period. New applications and offers must be made each trimester before tutoring can commence.

Any tutoring held prior to the student and tutor lodging their acceptance via the TTA Admin App will be deemed to have been conducted outside of the TTA program. Consequently, tutorials conducted outside of the program will not be funded by Oorala.

If you are unsure when tutoring can begin, please contact the TTA Program Coordinator to confirm. You can phone us on 1800 622 384 or via email at itas@une.edu.au.