Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Scholarships are designed to assist students in their transition into higher education and financially support students throughout their journey. There is a generous scheme to support students’ on campus accommodation costs

Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students not only assist your studies, they can open the door to a network of support on and off campus.

Announcing New Scholarships

We are committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with scholarships to help achieve their goals. As part of this commitment the Oorala Aboriginal Centre has put together two new initiatives: the Oorala Study Support Scholarships and the Oorala Merit Prize. This includes over 100 individual scholarship opportunities.

Oorala Merit Prize

for Undergraduate and Enabling Course Students

Presentation of Oorala Study Support Package for Commmencing StudentThe Oorala Merit Prize is designed to recognise high-performing Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students' success.

The prizes for undergraduate students will be awarded annually to three students from each Faculty who have completed a minimum of 72 credit points. Additionally, one TRACKS student and one student from the Pathway Enabling Program, who have successfully completed their course, and are currently enrolled in an undergraduate unit of study at UNE, will be considered for a Merit Prize.

The prizes will be awarded to students with the highest course grade point average (GPA) at the time of selection.
The Merit Prize is a one-off prize awarded once throughout your studies at UNE.

image: 2018  Oorala Study Support Scholarships Award presentation with UNE Library staff Annette Messell and Mollie Jackson.

Oorala Study Support Scholarships

for Commencing and Continuing Students, and Students with a Disability

Another new initiative, the Oorala Study Support Scholarships, is an exciting new suite of scholarships designed to kick start your student experience at UNE, to enhance your on-line study experience and provide assistance throughout your university journey. The scholarships are aimed at:

The Oorala Centre has led the development of these new scholarships in cooperation with Dixson Library, UNE IT-Services, Dell and the UNE Special Needs Unit.

Scholarship recipients must be Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in a UNE undergraduate or enabling course, who can demonstrate financial need and meet other eligibility criteria. Priority will be given to students from Regional and Remote locations, but we encourage all students to apply.

Keep posted via the Hub, the Oorala website and facebook page.

For more information contact Oorala Aboriginal Centre on 02 6773 3034 or freecall 1800 622 384

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Scholarship for Indigenous Medical and Health students

The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Indigenous Scholarship recognises the immense contributions of Indigenous Australians throughout all sectors of society. However, the scholarship also acknowledges that Indigenous health professionals remain too few, numbering an estimated 0.3% of the national healthcare workforce. House Call Doctor, believes that healthcare professionals should reflect the diversity of patients they care for. Healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds offer unique perspectives that enable the medical workforce to be more understanding and responsive to patient needs, both on an individual and community level.

The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Indigenous Scholarship is for $5,000 and will be awarded to an eligible Indigenous student, with these funds contributing to their tuition fees and personal learning expenses.

  • Applications will open on 2nd of April 2018 and close on 14th December 2018

Scholarships and grants are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.four AHO scholarship Recipients

There are a large number of scholarships specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students alongside numerous general scholarships.

If you have any questions about scholarships or financial assistance, contact the Oorala Student Support Team on 02 6773 3034 or freecall 1800 622 384

image: 2018 AHO Scholarship recipients, Emily Bishop, Brittanee Nash, Mollie Jackson and Curston Small.