Oorala Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Youth Program Application

Please Note: This application is for the Oorala Youth Leadership Camps and /or UNE Experience Days

STEP 1: This application form must be filled out to start your application process.

The following item will be required in order to complete and upload your application.

  • Photo of applicant

STEP 2: Submit your application

STEP 3: Once the application form has been received requests for further information will be sent to you as well as your parents and school. These must be signed and submitted to complete the application process.

  1. Parent / Guardian Approval —  must be filled out and signed by the applicants parent or guardian.
  2. School Endorsement and Supervisor Form — must be filled out and signed by the School Principal, Year Advisor or Careers Advisor.

If at a later date you wish to participate in another program you need to resubmit STEP 1.

For further information contact:

Schools and Community Engagement Programs Team
p: (02) 6773 3462
e: ooralacamps@une.edu.au

Schools and Community Engagement Programs Coordinator - Lynda Lynch

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