On-Campus Experience Days

Experience Day students looking at the structure of ants nests at the Museum of Natural HistoryThe on-campus experience days run by the Oorala Aboriginal Centre provide students in Years 10-12 with an opportunity to find out what studying at university is all about.  By participating in a series of workshops and lectures students will have a personal experience about life at UNE and what studying at a university level entails.
In the light of COVID-19 restrictions it is under discussion as to how this will look in 2021.

Aims of the Days

  • To complement existing school careers advice
  • Promote higher education and showcase teaching and learning activities at UNE
  • Explain career pathways to students in areas of interest to them
  • Extend students' expectation of their ability to complete a university course

If you are interested please apply online or download and complete the Application Form.

What do we do?

There are a number of Experience Days. Each day will two sessions from differing UNE Schools. For example: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Law and Health and Education, Creative arts and Sports Science.

Students will have to be able to travel to UNE and return home on the day. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea is provided.

The Days include:

  • Visits to undergraduate lectures
  • Hands-on tutorials, presentations, demonstrations and practical sessions
  • Opportunities to speak to current university students about what university life is like, and
  • Targeted workshops providing participants with information on a nominated range of degree options and pathways.

What does it cost?

There is NO cost to attend; all costs are covered by UNE.

Oorala will stay in touch with participating students and offer them similar opportunities in the future.


For further information contact
Schools & Community Engagement Program Team
02 6773 3462 or 0476 809 880
or email ooralacamps@une.edu.au