Oorala Youth Program

Students are our future leaders

The Oorala Aboriginal Centre recognises that high school students are our future leaders. We specifically allocate resources to developing our younger generation and, encourage them to aim high in their career choices.

We are focused on capturing students' attention to what university courses might be suitable, and, importantly the possibilities, before high school finishes and University begins.


To achieve this, here at Oorala we have created Youth Leadership Camps, three day live in experience and UNE Experience Days single day experiences focused on specific academic areas for students to develop their skills and experience through direct participation in Leadership, Culture, Career and Experience programs.

As a new initiative in 2017,  “Switched On” UNE Indigenous STEM Program was trialled with the aim of aiding high school students with an interest in mathematics, technology and science.

2019 Youth Program Dates

CampsYears Camp Dates
Experience Day 10 - 12 16 May
Senior Girls Camp 11 & 12 22 - 24 May
Senior Boys Camp 11 & 12 26 - 28 June
Experience Day 10 - 12 25 Jul
Experience Day10 - 1215 Aug
Junior Boys Camp 8 - 10 18 - 20 Sept
Experience Day10 - 1217 Oct
Junior Girls Camp 8 - 10 30 Oct - 1 Nov