Oorala Youth Program

Students are our future leaders

The Oorala Aboriginal Centre recognises that high school students are our future leaders. We specifically allocate resources to developing our younger generation and, encourage them to aim high in their career choices. We are focused on capturing students' attention to what university courses might be suitable, and, importantly the possibilities, before high school finishes and University begins.

Supporting our young people to reach their full potential


To achieve this, here at Oorala we have created Youth Leadership Camps, three day live in experience and UNE Experience Days single day experiences focused on specific academic areas for students to develop their skills and experience through direct participation in Leadership, Culture, Career and Experience programs. These programs are organised by the Oorala Aboriginal Centre, located at The University of New England in Armidale, NSW.

There's no cost to attend, this project is covered by 2020 UNE HEPPP funding.

2020 Youth Program Dates

The exact dates are to be confirmed but we have put in the month as an indication of when during the year these will occur.

CampsYears Camp Dates
Experience Day 10 - 12 April
Senior Girls Camp 11 & 12 May
Experience Day 11 & 12 May
Senior Boys Camp 10 - 12 June
Experience Day10 - 12August
Junior Boys Camp 9 - 10 August
Experience Day10 - 12October
Junior Girls Camp 9 - 10 September

If you are interested please apply online or download and complete the Application Form.

Oorala Youth Leadership Camp

The University of New England’s, Oorala Aboriginal Centre Youth Leadership Program is an introduction to university life, personal development and a range of life skills, as well as health, wellbeing and Aboriginal cultural awareness and pride. These camps are designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop important values and skills such as leadership, learning, culture & wellbeing.

Camp Co-ordinator Lynda Lynch and her administative team are supported by key facilitatiors Dean Widders, Shantelle Thompson, Jefferson Taylor and Dennis Moran.

A range of consultants, academics and volunteers participate, providing sessions such as:

  • Professional and Student Mentor presentations
  • Leadership, values and communication
  • Training sessions at SportUNE and PCYC Armidale
  • Career development and  pathways to university
  • Short lectures & practical workshops.

All staff and volunteers have a NSW Government Working with Children Check.

Want to know more then have a look at Camp Life.

On-Campus Experience Days

The on-campus experience days run by the Oorala Aboriginal Centre provide students in Years 8-12 with an opportunity to find out what studying at university is all about by participating in a series of workshops and lectures.

Aims of the Days
  • To complement existing school careers advice
  • Promote higher education and showcase teaching and learning activities at UNE
  • Explain career pathways to students in areas of interest to them
  • Extend students' expectation of their ability to complete a university courseAims of the Days
What do we do?

Each day will cover two UNE Schools. For example: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Law and Health and Education, and Sports Science.

Students will have to be able to travel to UNE and return home on the day. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea is provided.

The Days include:

  • Visits to undergraduate lectures
  • Hands-on tutorials, presentations, demonstrations and practical sessions
  • Opportunities to speak to current university students about what university life is like, and
  • Targeted workshops providing participants with information on a nominated range of degree options and pathways.

For further information contact,
Schools & Community Engagement Team,
02 6773 3462
or email ooralacamps@une.edu.au