The Oorala Aboriginal Centre was established to provide cultural and educational support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UNE and to improve the participation, completion and retention of Indigenous students. Oorala plays an important role in connecting the University with the wider Indigenous community.

The traditional land owners of the Armidale area are the Anaiwan people. The area forms part of the New England Ranges, encompassing eastern and western river systems. The area is described as being dominated by undulating uplands, extending as a tableland belt of varying width, with gently rolling country, and shallow valleys eventually terminating at the eastern escarpment, east of Walcha. Armidale enjoys all the seasons, with particularly cold crisp winters and pleasant summers.

Morning mist in the bushland near Dangars Falls, ArmidaleThe Armidale Aboriginal community has generally been described a very strong and active, particularly in the area of education.

Armidale is a vibrant city that is well serviced and a lovely place to live. Transport services are plentiful with flights every day from Armidale to Sydney and Brisbane weekdays. Train services also run in and out of Armidale everyday with adjoining bus services to the north.

There are three major shopping centres which have a large range of speciality shops catering to all budgets and tastes. All the while surrounded by beautiful National Parks such as Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and Cathedral Rock National Park.