Application - Career Advisor Financial Assistance Award


This Career Advisor Financial Assistance Award is an initiative of the Marketing and Public Affairs Student Engagement unit. The objective of this financial assistance award is to encourage enrolment in the UNE Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Careers and Transition Education) for the purpose of assisting high school based career advisors and teachers improve their professional qualifications and delivery of services to school students.

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  • $1,000 - Paid on successful completion of any unit in the Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Career Education and Transition) in Trimester 1, 2019.


Trimester 1, 2019.

UNE Contact:

Mark Stevens   
UNE Student Recruitment Manager
Phone: 0437 501 043

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I  commit to enrolment in the Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Careers and Transition Education), commencing Trimester 1, 2019. *
I understand payment of $1,000 will only paid be paid once on successful completion of a unit in the Certificate in Educational studies in Trimester 1, 2019. This means I understand I am only entitled to receive a maximum of one payment totalling $1000 irrespective of the number of units undertaken. *
I will complete a survey and provide other forms of feedback as requested *
I  understand that *