67 Dignity and Respect at Work

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. The University is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment of dignity and respect for all its employees. The University and all its employees are bound to the principles expressed in the Unions NSW Dignity and Respect in the Workplace Charter (the Charter). In particular, employees shall be entitled to rely on definitions and examples contained in the Charter to address any instance of bullying or harassment.
    2. The University will not accept bullying or harassing behaviour of any employee irrespective of position. Bullying or harassing behaviour is behavior that demeans, humiliates or intimidates employees either as individuals or as a group, by: unwelcome and unreasonable behaviour that creates a hostile, uncomfortable or offensive work atmosphere; and/or the misuse of relative and/or assumed power, including unjustifiable differential treatment. Further information can be found in the Charter.
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