64 Union Rights

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. Accredited union delegate shall mean an employee who has been elected, in accordance with the respective union’s rules, to one of the following:
      • the UNE NTEU Campus Executive, and/or
      • a State or National Conference, Executive, Committee of Management or Council of the union.

      A list containing the names of such employees must be provided to the Director Human Resource Services at the commencement of this Agreement and then updated each year.

      The size of the UNE NTEU Campus Executive cannot exceed the limits set out in the State NTEU rules.

    2. Leave to Attend Trade Union Courses - The University will grant accredited union delegates leave with pay to attend union training of up to 5 days per year. Such leave shall count as service for all purposes.
    3. Leave to Attend External Union Meetings - The University will grant accredited union delegates leave with pay to attend external union meetings of up to 5 days per year. The granting of leave will apply to the following activities undertaken by a Union delegate: Conferences of the Union, Meetings of the Union’s Executive, Committee of Management or Councils; Conference of the Unions NSW, and Conferences of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
    4. Such leave shall count as service for all purposes.
    5. Time Release

    6. No employee will be disadvantaged as a result of union activities conducted in accordance with responsibilities incurred as a result of implementation of this Agreement.
    7. A union delegate will be considered on duty and will be allowed reasonable time with pay for the conduct of authorised union activities, including representing staff in relation to this Agreement.
    8. Authorised union activities will include: attending an industrial tribunal as a participant or witness where the University is a party to the proceedings, attending a union seminar or delegates’ council or committee meeting; attending meetings with workplace management and a reasonable period of preparation time before such meetings, presenting information about the union at the completion of induction sessions for new employees, and distributing official union publications or other authorised material at the workplace.
    9. Union meetings - Unions may hold meetings of members on the premises of the University. Union meetings will be held during meal or other work breaks and may only be held during working hours if agreed between the union and the University.
    10. Notices and resources – Union delegates will have reasonable access to University facilities including, but not limited to telephones, fax machines, Internet access, e-mail and meeting rooms, and may utilise their office facilities to carry out their duties as a union delegate.
    11. The University will set aside funding at the rate of 25% of one Senior Lecturer salary for the purpose of reimbursing Schools or Directorates for the cost of accredited union delegates participating in NTEU activities. The will be an SP account and reimbursement would be made on request by the relevant Head of Cost Centre, via the Chief Financial Officer.
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