49 Probation

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. Employees who are deemed early-career academics will be subject to a probationary period, comprising a mandatory period of twelve-months and a confirmation period of up to two years. Part or all of the confirmation period may be waived where the staff member is operating at a more than satisfactory level.
    2. During a probation period an employee shall be required to demonstrate that he/she has satisfactorily performed the duties and responsibilities as determined in his/her position description and the UNE Position Classification Standards.
    3. For the purposes of this clause, “early-career academic” will mean an employee appointed to a Level A or Level B position who has had less than five years’ regular permanent and/or fixed term teaching/research employment.
    4. During the mandatory probationary period of an employee, the Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures as provided within clause 50 do not apply.
    5. Any second or subsequent fixed-term contract to the same or similar position will not contain a probationary period.
    6. Throughout the probation period a process of regular formal and informal feedback shall occur. A formal appraisal of performance shall be provided to the employee by the supervisor at the end of the first six months. The supervisor must inform the employee in writing of any impediments to the continuation of the employee’s employment when such impediments become apparent. The employee will be given reasonable opportunity to respond to the matters raised and will be given reasonable opportunity and appropriate support to improve their performance.
    7. If the University forms the view that the probationary appointment may be terminated, the University will, no later than 4 weeks prior to the expiration of the probation period, advise the employee in writing that the probation period may be terminated. An employee will be advised of, and given an opportunity to respond to, any adverse material about the employee which the University intends to rely upon in deciding to terminate the employee’s employment.
    8. Within the first six months of employment, nothing other than the provisions of this clause, shall prevent the University from terminating the employment of an academic for obvious and substantial, or obvious and repeated, and demonstrated unsuitability for the position.
    9. If the University determines to terminate the employment of the employee during a mandatory probation period, the University will provide two weeks’ notice or two weeks’ pay in lieu of such notice.
    10. If the University decides to terminate the employment of an academic employee during the confirmation period, the employee will receive twenty-six (26) weeks’ notice or payment in lieu thereof.
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