40 Higher Duties Allowance

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. An employee who temporarily performs the duties of a higher classified position will be entitled to be paid an allowance at the rate equal to the difference between the employee's salary and the minimum salary for the higher graded position (or pro rata if undertaking part of the duties of a higher classification), subject to performing such duties for a period of five (5) consecutive working days or more and for a maximum period of twenty six (26) weeks continuous duty or more if appropriate, or to cover an employee on leave or otherwise absent from duties or while recruitment action is occurring to fill a position. Part-time and fractional employees should be given equal consideration.
    2. An employee who is recognised as the deputy or assistant of a more senior employee and whose normal duties include deputising for the senior employee will not be eligible for higher duties allowance except if they perform the duties for 10 consecutive working days or more.
    3. Leave taken will be paid at the higher duties rate when such leave is taken during the period of higher duties or, for annual leave, immediately following the period of higher duties.
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