19 Academic Promotions

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. The University will offer the opportunity of promotion to all eligible employees on an annual basis. Employees would normally be required to serve a minimum of 12 months from appointment or promotion before seeking a promotion.
    2. Unless otherwise agreed, applicants who have been unsuccessful in two consecutive years in their bid for a promotion cannot apply in the following year.
    3. Appeals will only be allowed on procedural grounds.
    4. The Chairs of the Promotions Committee(s) and the Promotions Appeals Committee will take all reasonable steps to ensure an appropriate gender balance is attained on each committee.
    5. Academic promotion is based solely upon the merit of the application.
    6. An NTEU observer and an equity observer will be present at all meetings of the Promotions Committee and the Promotions Appeals Committee.
    7. Promotion Committees will consist of:
      • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chair) or nominee
      • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or professorial nominee
      • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) or professorial nominee
      • Chair or Deputy Chair of the Academic Board
      • One elected staff member by the Schools of Science and Technology and Environmental and Rural Science*
      • One elected staff member by the Schools of Health and Rural Medicine*
      • One elected staff member by the Schools of Business and Law*
      • One elected staff member by the School of Education*
      • One elected staff member by the Schools of Arts, Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences and Humanities*
      • One External Professor for Level D and E Committees only (not necessarily the same for each level)

      *The elected staff member must be at or above the level of promotion.

    8. The Promotions Appeals Committee will comprise:
      • A Professor nominated by the Vice-Chancellor (Chair); and
      • Two Professors or Associate Professors, not necessarily members of Academic Board, appointed by the Standing Committee of Academic Board.

      Additional members may be co-opted where necessary, e.g. to ensure gender balance. All members will have served on previous Promotion Committees. They must not have been involved in any aspect of the applicant’s case to be reviewed.

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