7 Definitions

  1. Academic and ELC Teaching Staff Collective Agreement 2014–2017
    1. Consultation — Consultation has a number of components. First, consultation means the provision of all relevant information and the opportunity for discussion of that information. Second, the information must be in a form and provided in sufficient time to enable those being consulted to develop an informed view. And third, consultation shall provide a bona fide opportunity for feedback to influence the relevant decision maker prior to the making of the decision.
    2. Domestic Violence involves a person in a family or domestic situation being subjected to patterns of behaviour that include: physical and or sexual assault, verbal abuse and insults, social isolation, economic deprivation, emotional abuse, threats and intimidation, harassment and stalking.
    3. Employee/s means the employees referred to in subclause 3.1.2 of this Agreement.
    4. Head of Cost Centre means Head of School, Director, University Librarian, or Director of Colleges.
    5. A Health and Safety Representative is a staff member who has completed current WorkCover accredited Health and Safety Representative training and has been elected by Work Group members to represent the Work Group on the UNE Work Health and Safety Strategic Committee.
    6. A Health and Safety Representative has the powers and functions as defined in Subdivision 5 (s68/60) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

    7. Merit selection means a formal selection process that is designed to find and select the most capable candidate for the position being recruited. In determining the most capable candidate, regard should be had to the nature and duties of the position and the abilities, qualifications, experience and standard of work performance of the candidate that are relevant to the performance of those duties. Formal selection includes positions that have been advertised through an internal expression of interest process.
    8. NTEU means the National Tertiary Education Industry Union.
    9. Representative means a member of the Union or other person who is not a current practicing solicitor or barrister in private practice.
    10. Senior Executive Officer means the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director Operations, Chief Legal and Governance Officer, or relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor, or other senior officer of the University, above the level of Director, which reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor.
    11. UNE and University mean the University of New England.
    12. Union means the National Tertiary Education Union.
    13. VC means Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of UNE or nominee.
    14. Voluntary Separation means payment for leaving voluntarily outside of a Workplace Change - refer to clause 43 of this Agreement.
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