Level 8


Level 8 duties typically require a skill level which assumes and requires knowledge or training equivalent to:

  • postgraduate qualifications or progress towards postgraduate qualifications and extensive relevant experience; or
  • a range of management expertise or substantial technical expertise; or
  • an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training.


Tasks at this level are likely to require integration of substantial theoretical and technical knowledge of a number of functional areas to facilitate one or more of the following:

  • management of significant programs,
  • development and implementation of policies, programs, initiatives or systems,
  • development of new ways of using or integrating specific bodies of knowledge,
  • management of a broad range of resources,
  • responsible for high level systems, systems analysis and business analysis and for leading, managing, administering significant university systems.


At this level it is expected that employees will have the ability to:

  • develop and implement programs, priorities, policies and procedures within given role objectives,
  • lead the design, development and implementation of solutions to complex technical problems/new systems/significant projects,
  • have some latitude in the initial definition of role objectives/ services/projects,
  • set objectives across a range of functional areas, taking account of planning directions,
  • commit the University to significant budget expenditure or to a public policy stance, subject to formal authorisation, and
  • provide strategic support and advice (eg, to schools or faculties) requiring integration of a range of university policies, external requirements or expert specialist knowledge, and an ability to achieve objectives operating within complex organisational structures.


Supervision received:

Broad direction.

Supervision given:

  • may advise on and have substantial influence over the establishment of priorities, programs, organisational structures and budget for a major functional area,
  • will have scope to reset priorities and resources within overall program objectives,
  • may have considerable management responsibility for employees working across a range of functions.


Responsibilities at this level may require a thorough knowledge of University wide policies; the external environment (e.g. government legislation, codes, guidelines and requirements); and/or diverse research/technical and teaching activities.

Perform tasks which may involve:

  • playing a leading role in developing policies and co-ordinating the interests and activities of several functional areas,
  • providing expert advice which may impact on: a broad range of functional areas; or a specialist technical area that has a broad impact across the university; or complex technical support and solutions to significant functions of the university or projects,
  • implementing programmes or functions which may impact upon other areas of the University
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